3 DIY Party or Wedding Styling Ideas from Decorate For A Party

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Book & Styling Inspiration Decorate For A Party by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

Looking for creative styling ideas for either your wedding or perhaps an upcoming gathering, Decorate For A Party has lots of inspiration and I share 3 simple and stylish DIY styling ideas from the book.  

Decorate For A Party Book

Since John Lewis released their Christmas advert last week, it definitely feels like we’re on the countdown now to one of my favourite times of year. Having moved into our house a year ago, we’re hoping to do some entertaining with friends, and wanted to share this book which was perfectly timed inspiration!

Decorate For A Party, written by Holly Becker of decor8 blog and Leslie Shewring is not only great for entertaining at home but also for any party occasions and great for brides out there looking to get a little creative by making some simple, stylish details for their wedding.

Decorate For A Party Book Decorate For A Party BookDecorate For A Party Book Decorate For A Party Book

Here are 3 of my favourite simple and stylish ideas from the book that you can easily incorporate into your wedding if you are looking for some nice DIY touches to create.

Decorate For A Party Book - DIY Menu Sign Wedding Party

Photography Credit: Leslie Shewring


Rather than opt for individual menus, why not hang a handwritten calligraphy menu for your guests to peruse.

A menu can become a beautiful wall hanging for your gathering. Kraft paper is wrapped around a bare branch at each end and then glued into place. A few sprigs of fresh greenery are glued along the top and then the menu is hung from some twine that is tied on securely at each end of the top branch.

Decorate For A Party Book - DIY Hanging Foliage Backdrop

Photography Credit: Janis Nicolay

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Whether you are looking for a simple ceremony backdrop or maybe even for something to draw a focus to the top table or cake table, a simple foliage backdrop will make a lovely impact against a blank wall.

This eucalyptus and branch wall hanging was created easily on the day of the party. We simply tied eucalyptus sprigs to both ends of 20 pieces of fine white string cut to various lengths, and then hung them over a sprayed white branch. Fine wire wrapped around each end of the branch created loops for hanging the piece up exactly where we wanted it.

Decorate For A Party Book - DIY Copper Wire Place Settings

Photography Credit: Holly Becker


Our love affair with copper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and thin copper wire is a great tool for these personalised script place settings which I’m sure would be taken home and kept by your guests!

Using a white piece of paper, wire cutters and thin copper wire from the craft store, write the guest name in your best script and then use it as a template, laying the wire against the paper and matching it to your handwriting as you bend and twist. Each name takes less than a few minutes but guests will love it because it’s unique.

Let me know if you attempt any of the above, would love to see any efforts!

Styling suggestions extracted from Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, published by Jacqui Small (£20) available on Amazon