Anges de Sucre – The Sugar Wonderland Emporium in London

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Ombre Pastel Fun and Decadent Wedding Cakes London by Anges de Sucre

If your’e a kale and quinoa lover or on a diet of no sugar, no carbs or basically no fun then you may not wish to proceed with this post! You’ve been warned…

I’ve been dribbling over the delightfully decadent instagram account of Anges de Sucre for quite some time, though will admit had a ‘unfollow’ moment in January when the diet was in full swing but thankfully I came to my senses and continued to indulge with their insta-sugar fix from them.

Anges de Sucre (translates from French as ‘Sugar Angels’) is possibly the closest you’ll come to Willy Wonka land in London. Run by owner Reshmi Bennett, they are an award-winning sweet shop wonderland in Kensington serving all kinds of decadent treats from macaroons, marshmallows, cupcakes, cakes and even their own invention – the ‘Muffle’ (a marshmallow-truffle hybrid!).

As well as their amazing sweet shop which is a sight to behold, they of course also create sugary goodness for events, gifts and weddings (or any other excuse you can think of for cake, like I don’t know, it’s Friday!?). The cakes have some serious wow-factor, and with the sweet-on-sweet action with cakes toppled with doughnuts, rolos, popcorn, macarons, marshmallows and pretzels they are sure to give your guests a serious sugar rush.

For more showstopping treats go follow them on Instagram, visit their shop see the website for more goodness (or should that be badness?).

Right I’m off to cancel my dentist appointment…

  • Shmii

    Thanks for sharing! these big baddies fit SO well in your beautiful blog :) xxx

  • Mindaugas Usonis

    DO NOT USE THEM! Its pitty I cant leave 0 stars. Instead of arriving between 9-5 cake was delivered only at 9PM by which time some of the guest have already left. NO apology received at all. Impossible to get a hold of anyone in the office.
    Staff constantly lied about estimated delivery time blaming delays on traffic which was very normal. Cakes taste is only OK. Dont waste your money and health!