Big Blooms! – Oversized Bouquet Flower Inspiration


Well, like a lot of things in life, big can definitely be better – and now it’s the turn of the Big Bouquet. Following on from the rustic ‘handpicked’ look of the wildflower bouquets, this season they have evolved into irregular structures of big, blousy, trailing and overflowing blooms.

An oversized bouquet isn’t for everyone, you have to ensure you wear the bouquet as opposed to it wearing you [hello, you want to make sure you’re seen!] but it’s a beautiful statement and as the following examples show, when done right, can be ever so eye-catching. What these images interestingly all have in common is they all have relatively slim-fitting gowns which I’d suggest is the most sensible styling suggestion – a simple chic silhouette of a figure hugging lace dress with a wild, unstructured bouquet is a great combination.

Whilst some of the bouquets include a number of large-headed blooms, the key is the mix of flowers, whispers of trailing foliage and un-symmetrical heights. This style is most certainly not about perfection or symmetry, it’s about combining textures, drama and delicacy. Do be prepared to put a bit more of your budget towards creating such a bouquet though, there’s bound to me a bit more time and flowers to go into creating such a magnificent piece!

Oversized Bouquet Inspiration

So would you dare to go big and bold…?

Credits [clockwise from top left]: Photography: Kaysha Weiner via Ruffled Flowers: Blue Magnolia Events / Photography: Maggie Harkov via Once Wed Flowers: Saipua / Photography: Jennifer Tai via Magnolia Rouge Flowers: Melanie Benson / Photography: Dominique Bader Flowers: Bloomingayles / Photography: Danielle Capito Photography via Style Me Pretty Flowers: Twigss Floral Studio / Photography: Kina Wicks via Ruffled Flowers: Ipomea Floral / Photography: Teneil Kable via Ruffled Flowers: Lime Flowers / Photography: Emily Steffen Photography via Ruffled Flowers: Johnny and Dottie

  • Ahhh, I was about to say how big a fan I am of oversized bouquets and there I am with my big blooms! (No pun intended.) Honoured to have made your spotty pages (thanks to the fabulous Bloomin’gayles) xx

  • These bouquets are so beautiful! I especially love the colours of the flowers in the top right hand side picture.

  • Wow lovely photos and great bouquets. thanks for sharing