Bridal Prep – Eyelash Extentions & Shellac


I do like to indulge in a little beauty treat every now and then, nothing wrong with a little self pampering, but especially good for prepping for the wedding day (do check the end of post for discounts!). I also very much enjoy easy beauty prep and this my friends is certainly that. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the charismatic Beth at The London Dolls for a courtesy Shellac nail treatment. Having vaguely heard of this ‘long lasting’ technique I was excited to be testing it out, especially as someone who’s polish chips after a single day (clearly going wrong with my application somewhere!).

A definite bonus of The London Dolls was that it takes place at Beth’s house near Stoke Newington in East London – as a local Hackney girl it’s a rare treat to have something like this on your doorstep but she’s a stones-throw from the overground so easy enough to get to if you aren’t so local.

I’m not going to be too technical as I’m no beauty expert, but Shellac (CND Shellac is the renowned brand) is a polish application which has a base coat a colour coat and then a top coat like any other manicure. The difference is, your nails are exposed (in a dinky little lamp machine) to a UV light which sets the gel to create a much longer lasting nail colour.

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It’s not a lengthy appointment, and you choose from a great range of colours – I chose an orangey pink coral (Tropix) as that’s my go-to colour of choice (although the pics don’t do the colour justice, it was much punchier than this!) The treatment is meant to last 14 days (that’s a two week honeymoon totally sorted) and I have to say mine went beyond that to about 20 days of perfection I think – which is rather remarkable for someone who puts their hands through their paces!

Honestly, it is such a treat to look down at your nails and for them to be strong, shiny and perfectly manicured, I felt presentable at all times! The other benefit is I had mine done back in chilly March, and it’s dry as soon as you leave, so no having to wear flip-flops after a winter pedicure, hoorah!

Now the removal worried me a bit, but in fact after 20 days wear, some bits started to peel off naturally so I kind of (and naughtily) picked most of it off but really all you need to do is purchase some acetone remover (the stuff that removes fake nails) to soak off easily.

Whilst I was there I also had Beth to apply some individual eyelash extensions (a birthday treat to myself!) which you can also see in the Instagram pics above. Something I had done last year and forgotten just how amazing they are, Beth did a great job, and I cannot tell you how many comments I have when I get them done. Clearly I look awful without them!

The London Dolls are kindly offering London Bride readers some fabulous-would-be-a-shame-not-to-treat-yourself discounts on lash extensions and Shellac so whether you’re a bride to be or going on a hen party, mini-moon or perhaps even on bridesmaid duty why not give it a go…

– Full set of lashes for £50 (£10 saving)

– Shellac manicure & pedicure for £45 (£7 saving)

– Full set of lashes + Shellac manicure & pedicure for £85 (Saving £26)

Please contact Beth – or visit for more info or to book (be sure to mention London Bride!).

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