Christmas Chez London Bride !


Living in London in a top floor flat, I don’t have any of the luxuries of being able to introduce some of the ‘proper’ festive traditions such as a log fire, a beautiful wreath [I’m certain it would get nicked around here!] or even a real tree. So Christmas chez London Bride is a little more modern. We have a faux tree [no needles to sweep, straight out the loft = super easy!] and as well as discovering this burning log fire video which I use as a screensaver the boy came home with the MOST amazing candle… a log fire scented candle from Muji. Seriously, it’s like the real deal.

So other than faking the festivities, I surprisingly had a bit of time on my hands to decorate the flat, so I ‘installed’ [ahem, white-tacked!] white honeycomb tissue decorations from my hallway ceiling. As you can see from Willow Cat’s stance, we were all quite excited by them. It was a space in my flat reserved for a chandelier but I need to sort out an electrician for that [hence why said chandelier has been sat in loft for over a year]. So perhaps I might just keep them up, until I can afford an electrician?

So, suffice to say I hope you are all getting to enjoy the festivities, and if not then hopefully next week. This has been the first year in many where I have had time to do so, I’ve been to the ballet, I did a ‘Holiday’ cocktails masterclass and have been to perhaps one too many parties. Well, it would be rude not to make the most of it while it lasts…

A big shout to everyone who has kindly sent me some lovely and thoughtful Christmas cards, and also to the very sweet Rebecca at bonbon balloons for this extra special Christmas balloon delivery!

Happy festivities everyone!


  • Your flat looks lovely! And that Bonbon balloon is wonderful.

  • Ah, I love your tissue paper replacement for the chandelier .. will look amazing once it is up! :)

  • Rosa

    Gorgeous Christmas bonbon