Colourful Spring Geometric Wedding in Islington

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Photography by Lovestruck PhotographyWedding Co-ordination London Bride

Leonie & Nick had a colourful Spring wedding in Islington, co-ordinated by London Bride with blooms bursting from terrariums, an a capella choir, coloured wedding dress and lots of eclectic decor. 

Colourful Geometric Spring Islington London Wedding by Lovestruck Photo | Co-ordination by London Bride

I’m so excited to share today’s wedding of Leonie and Nick. This was a gorgeous Spring wedding from earlier this year that was co-ordinated by London Bride! So, you know the drill – any weddings by us tend to be a little long in length as it’s so hard to edit them down! I’ll be honest also in that Leonie and Nick are ridiculously photogenic that there were just too many beautiful photos from Lovestruck Photography to choose from, so excuse the rather lengthy post!

Leonie and Nick added so much fun, character and colour to their relaxed Islington pub wedding, with lots of personal details; many combined with efforts of some very talented and kind friends, it just shows you can transform any space and I really loved seeing so much colour! I worked with them in the lead up to the day and it was lovely to style and set up all their personal decorative touches along with the incredible flowers from That Flower Shop, and THOSE amazing gold terrariums that the bride sourced.

Do have a read below for Leonie (and Nick’s!) wonderful write up of the day, they also sum it up with some wonderful advice which I wanted to post here too:

I felt a lot more of a ‘bride’ on the day than I was expecting. Turns out it’s not just the white dress that does it! Try and get round and talk to everyone but do go off and have a moment by yourself (as well as with your new husband!) when you want to.

Spend time with the family members that you don’t often see. Make sure you eat the nice food, drink the fancy champagne and dance  – it’s more important to have a good time in your dress than keep it pristine.


Nick and I met about four years ago when it was snowing and I was hungover. We had our first date at a pub in Angel and ended it somewhat tipsy on Upper Street! We’d just got back from a trip to Edinburgh (where we’d been visiting family for new year) when he sort-of proposed and we went out to celebrate.

We knew we wanted a not too fussy London pub wedding near where we first met and one that our friends and family could be involved in. We liked the idea of a small wedding but couldn’t bear the idea of leaving people out that we wanted with us – so the small pub wedding grew to about 110 guests!


I absolutely adore Leonie’s choice of wedding dress, opting for a coloured dress meant her style was elegant yet relaxed. 

I wore a mink-coloured evening dress by Matthew Williamson. It was just the shape that I was after, long and sleek with a bit of a cape at the top. I felt like a more glamorous version of myself, which is exactly what I wanted. I found my dress quite early on and it hung for months on the back of the door hidden from sight.

My shoes were from Love Art, Wear Art and bought online from Liberty in Love. I kept putting them on in secret at home before the day. They are handmade and I wore them all day and night without a single blister. Nick’s suit was from Paul Smith. I love the vibrant teal colour. His shoes were from Liberty.


Three of my oldest friends were my Best Women on that day.  I told them the budget and colours I liked (teal, dirty yellow, blush) and together we looked around for something for them to wear. They decided that they’d like to wear matching dresses and luckily we found the ones we wanted quite quickly. They were Adrianna Papell and end of line  – so it was tricky tracking them down in the right colour (blush). My lovely (and dexterous!) mum did a great job of patching up the beading on a couple of them.


Our friend Maria Spanou is a jeweller and she made our wedding rings. I loved designing my own with her. It’s matt yellow gold with an engraved line with diamonds set along it. I love it because it’s unique, delicate and sits nicely with my vintage opal engagement ring. Maria engraved the date and our initials into the rings too. Nick had a plain band in matching yellow gold. My earrings were from Alexis Bittar. I chose them because they were a beautiful pale green but had little spikes along them, which meant they didn’t look like wedding jewellery. 


Hair and make-up genius Elbie van Eeden was on hand to Leonie on the day and created the most gorgeous relaxed and elegant up-do with perfect plaits that works so well for Leonie’s style. 

Day-to-day I don’t do much with my hair. I mean to but never get round to it, so having Elbie on hand was incredible. She is a hair genius and a make-up wonder woman. I knew I wanted a loose up do that was slightly to one side and Elbie knotted and wove it to perfection. Elbie is a lovely person to have around on your wedding day too and I really appreciated the fact that she could do both my hair and makeup.


The ceremony was my favourite part of the day. The Council Chamber is a really nice room to get married in because you’re surrounded by smiling faces. Our entrance music was Outer Space by John Grant and we left to Say Yes by Langhorne Slim. We had two readings by our very good friends Hannah and Joe. I chose a passage from Julian Barnes’ A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters that Hannah read and Nick chose some lines from Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita that Joe read. Our mums were our witnesses so that they both had their names on the marriage certificate along with our dads.

As Leonie has mentioned, currently as it stands, only the Father’s names of a couple are included on their marriage certificates so I think it’s really lovely that they chose both their Mother’s to be the witnesses so that they too, could also have their names on the marriage certificate. Despite the campaign to change this very outdated administrative element, the Government have sadly not yet, implemented the changes. You can read more about it here or search #MothersOnMarriageCerts (I feel quite passionate about this and had signed the petition as it happens!).


When I went to see Hattie at That Flower Shop, I realised I didn’t know the names of that many flowers…I kept coming back to foliage but I knew I wanted some terrariums and geometric shapes and some coral tones. I didn’t want anything to be tidy, prissy or look too ‘done’ so the team at That Flower Shop were perfect. My bouquet was one of my favourite things about the day.


I had a clear idea from early on about the kind of decorations I wanted. I wanted them to be eclectic but not vintage. Paper decorations needed to feature heavily in shades of teal, coral and mustard yellow.

Most of my ideas (and they were my ideas, Nick was pleased but bemused by it all!) about the look of the wedding evolved from a collage that I made and my wonderful designer friend Jess turned into our wedding stationery. I got the colours, shapes and style that I wanted to carry through the day from the invitation. 

My absolute favourite decoration was a picture that my illustrator friend Kate drew for us as a gift. It’s really special because it features lots of little things about us as a couple. Another favourite was a good luck horseshoe decoration that my mum made for the cake table. It was studded with white and ivory buttons from my Grandma’s button box, which I’d inherited from her. We also had photographs of our Grandparents on their wedding days on display and industrial light up letters of our initials. I think I got most obsessive about the decorations. Nick thought I was nuts spray-painting plastic lions that I found in charity shops! 

My friend Melissa had just set up a cake making business when we got engaged and offered to make our cake for us. When she offered I had no idea how incredible it would turn out to be – she used rice paper to match it to the collage that I’d made for the invitations and it had three tiers! She also persuaded me to have some sugar flowers on top to make it a bit prettier, she was absolutely right. It was stunning and tasted delicious  – some of it was lemon and some of it was carrot cake. 


My brother in law is a brewer and he brewed a special IPA for us, which the pub took a barrel of on the day. It was so good the barrel was dry before I got a chance to taste it! 

We gave our guests a choice of starter, main course and dessert before the day and collected their choice on our wedding website. The food was delicious but it was rather a lot of different things to co-ordinate, especially when we’d added in the gluten free and vegan options. The starter was wild mushroom on sourdough or pan-fried scallops; the main course was roast rib eye of beef or grilled sea bass or goat’s cheese and beetroot tart; for dessert we had lemon tart or chocolate fondant. We also had canapés on arrival with plenty of champagne and snack food later to soak up the alcohol. When we got engaged we thought we’d just have a buffet! Safe to say it escalated…


There was a very beautiful moment on the day where I co-ordinated the wonderful choir arranged by Leonie’s cousin Lizzie to sing as the guests made their entrance for the drinks reception, everyone was handed a drink and just stared in awe! 

Walking into the pub garden to the sound of my cousin Lizzie’s choir singing in the sunshine was a lovely moment. The Electric Belles are a Brixton based all-woman choir. They’d never sung at a wedding before but I asked my cousin who sings with them if they’d consider it and I’m so please that they did, they were fabulous. Later in the evening we had Wedding Smashers to DJ and everyone danced like fools!


We knew Juliet and Laimonas at Lovestruck Photography’s work because they’d taken the photos at our friends’ wedding. They were just the best wedding photographers – friendly, easy-going but got everyone in place for the few group photos we had. They have a really good eye for detail and captured lots of little things I didn’t notice at the time. I love the photos of Nick laughing with his best men outside the town hall.


I felt a lot more of a ‘bride’ on the day than I was expecting. Turns out it’s not just the white dress that does it! Try and get round and talk to everyone but do go off and have a moment by yourself (as well as with your new husband!) when you want to.

Spend time with the family members that you don’t often see. Make sure you eat the nice food, drink the fancy champagne and dance  – it’s more important to have a good time in your dress than keep it pristine.  Oh – and hiring Charley as our Coordinator was the best investment we made. It was like having a super-knowledgeable friend looking after the wedding party and cheering you on from the side-lines.

Huge thanks to Leonie and Nick for sharing their day and to the talented Juliet and Laimonas at Lovestruck Photography for the most wonderful photos of the day. Such a pleasure to re-live it!