Confetti Inspiration – Top Ten

As a spot and dot obsessive, there is nothing quite more satisfying than seeing the air filled with colourful paper shapes floating down. It’s no coincidence that my re-design was heavily influenced by confetti then!

It’s no longer baby blue and pastel pink horseshoes it’s all about bright colours which come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to just be thrown at you post ceremony either (though one does LOVE a confetti shot!), there are lots of ideas here to incorporate the cute and colourful paper pieces into your wedding day

Tissue paper streamers by Tokketok / DIY Confetti Nails by kiki9988

A confetti save the date postcard perhaps by Present & Correct / Confetti Spot Washi Tape from Papermash

Confetti dipped favours for guests by Tokketok / A subtle falling confetti cake by The Cake Girls via Martha Stewart

The prettiest BonBon confetti filled balloon!

Set up a confetti shower for a bridal portrait, photo by Anika London for Carter & Cook Events Co / Send little sprinkles of colour with your invitations by Daley Ann / Make fun little confetti bags for guests by Tokketok

So will you be sprinkling some of the fun stuff at your wedding or having a spotty theme? Please say yes!

6 Responses to “Confetti Inspiration – Top Ten”

  1. Natasha Jane

    Wow how cool does it look on nails!! I’m a stripe obsessive but I think I could be swayed to spots and dots!! Also love the cake, yummy XxX

  2. Julia

    I LOVE this! Love the colours and ideas…. even after working at WEDDING magazine for so many years I love it when I see something different… mad its inspired by confetti which is traditional but this is no way trad!! Julia x


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