Dashing Magazine – Issue 2


Well, well well. It has been a hectic 6 weeks since the launch of Dashing Magazine in early December – esepcially with the Christmas break in between but we’ve done it! We launched our brand new Issue 2 of Dashing magazine today [cue massive sigh of relief]!
From hereon, Dashing will continue to be a bi-monthly online inspirational magazine for the stylish and spirited girl. A big shout out to all our contributors and anyone who helped make issue 2 happen – there are some flippin amazing suppliers and people out there, all hugely talented and very lovely.

Dashing is 100% original content all put together by just three of us, Josie [Savoir Weddings] and Fanni [Fubu Media/Fanni Williams Photography] and myself so it’s a rather big labour of love.

I hope you enjoy, as always we love getting feedback so please let us know what you thought so we can continue to make Dashing, well… SO Dashing.
  • Holly Franklin

    really enjoyed reading this second edition! only problem is that I just want loads of the nice finds you discover! a massive well done to the 3 of you!

  • rosiehunnam

    It's just so lovely! Well done :)

  • Natasha Hurley

    YEAY! I somewhat stumbled across the first issue when you were doing your countdown of things that had happened in 2011 and was blown away! Seriously, it was beautiful and useful. I have already recommended one bridesmaid that she should check it out for dresses. Anyway, before I dive into issue two I wanted to say a massive well done and thanks and keep them coming! xxx

  • Caught the Light

    I have been meaning to catch up with your latest issue since we got back from Australia! It's lovely and clearly a lot of hard work is being invested to make it relevant and engaging and awesome. Job well done, lovelies! x