dot to dot – spotty nail tutorial


A while ago I had some spotty nails done at the uber trendy Wah Nails in Hackney. I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly paying attention to how she did it as I was too busy chattering away to my friend next to me, so I fancied giving myself some super pretty dotty nails this weekend and so I searched for a tutorial and found this useful video. And lo and behold, it is so easy and super cute! I promise!

I had a little go and did a few colour ways so it really is great fun to experiment. The magic tool used in this tutorial is… a regular hair grip! Who’d have thought it?

STEP 1: Paint two coats of your base colour, make sure you choose colours that will show up against each other! For my base I used American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Summer Peach and for the spots I used Barry M Nail Paint in colour 272.

STEP 2: Use a small a small cap/lid and dot a few drops of your ‘spot’ colour into it just so it’s easier to ‘dip’ into. Or like the video does, she dabs it onto a pad of paper.

STEP 3: Using the end of an ordinary hair grip opened up (with a decent sized rubber tip) dip this into the nail colour generously and carefully balance your hand so it’s steady, then dot away!

The more polish on the tip of the grip the bigger the spot, so you can replenish each time if you want larger spots, or if you want varying sizes you can get maybe three spots out of one dip. I did approx 6 spots per nail (as I have short nails!).

You can do different colour spots, you aren’t limited to one colour – just depends how colourful you want them to be!

I haven’t shown it here but I would recommend you finish with a top coat when fully dry so that the spots are a bit more hard-wearing. And there you have it, dotty nails!

So will you be ‘dottyfying’ your nails? Let me know if you do, and you can brag at how easy it is. Oh and yes, I’m very aware my cuticles are in dire need of a bit of pampering and please do excuse the cat-scratched skin also!