Eclectic Playful Rooftop Wedding London

WEDDINGS, Informal

Photography by Joanna Brown

This was a hard wedding to write a title for. Perhaps I best not try to describe it, but let’s just say there’s a rooftop, a ton of paper flowers, faux cherry blossom trees, an actual heart shaped cake(as in from the body), mariachi music, a seriously dapper groom in powder pink and a bride in an old faithful dress.

The couple Saskia (from LA) and David added some serious tongue in cheek to their London wedding, with a playful take turning it into a super cool party.

“You know how we all have that outfit in our closet that’s just too much for most occasions, but you love it and can’t part with it? That was our dress code. We wanted to tease out the playful and absurd elements of love and wedding ceremonies, and have a fun party. In food and drink, we wanted to present a ‘Best of Britain’, thinking of our overseas guests. In decoration, we wanted to create the feeling of a moonlit light in a garden in the studio, where the party was held. It felt important to me to bring in elements of Los Angeles, my hometown; Mexico, where my family has a strong connection; and Austria, of which there are traces in the mariachi music.”

Serious Aisle Style

Saskia just oozes cool in her slinky beaded cocktail gown, doesn’t she? Not the typical bride, she ended up wearing a dress that she’d worn for Halloween and had been a part of her wardrobe for fifteen years. Looking at it here, I can see why she didn’t need any other.

“I bought my dress in West Hollywood, California, for $20-some USD in the early 2000s. I thought of it as Vegas showgirl meets Marilyn Monroe doing Happy Birthday Mr President. I used to wear it for Halloween with a crazy wig, and then I started dragging it around the world with me every time I moved country, not wearing it. When David and I decided to get married, I looked at other dresses, but finally my attachment to this beaded cocktail gown from Out of the Closet, (a thrift store supporting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation) just made sense.”

She styled the dress with vintage pearl drop earrings which were one of the very first gifts that David gave her along with those striking red satin crystal ‘way too high’ heels. “My make-up was by Steven Solari – my best man. He has been been doing my make-up forever. I want to say since we started going out on the town, but really it was longer. He taught me how to paint my nails when we were in middle school.”

Well, whilst there has been some pretty good Groom style on London Bride, I think David here takes the top spot for his custom-made powder pink suit. “The groom’s three-piece suit was custom-made by a London designer Amechi Ihenacho and was designed to resemble the one that dandy poet and count, Robert de Montesquiou wears in his portrait by Boldini. But, with a twist. It was powder pink and Amechi found an incredible lining that sat somewhere between paisley and 60s psychedelia.”

The bridesmaids (including two men in black tie!) and ushers all wore various outfits, some vintage.


David and Saskia decorated the space with hundreds of paper flowers which they sourced from Olvera Street back in LA, combined with faux cherry blossoms, the space was literally blossoming.

“A friend gave us a cherry tree that had been used on one of her film shoots. It came with bags and bags of fake cherry blossoms that we scattered throughout the venue. So, we had a cherry tree in the middle of the venue and bouquets of bright flowers. On the feast table, our centerpieces were pineapples with peacock feathers stuck into them. Where I grew up, there were endless peacocks. A dear friend collected the feathers they dropped from her garden in the run-up to the wedding.”

We bought a variety of papel picado, hanging paper banners, in wedding themes (white) and in Day of the Dead themes (multi-colored and metallic). Candles everywhere. Cherry blossoms everywhere. And nets of lighting hanging from the ceiling to give the feeling of a starry night. The cake was on a clinical metal table and dramatically spotlit. The lights had a moonlight quality.


Possibly the most unusual wedding cake I’ve featured on the blog, is this bleeding heart cake by Lily Vanilli. “We wanted to tease out the absurdities of love. The bleeding heart cake was the centerpiece, and was surrounded by 100 or so “bloody” red velvet cupcakes. The white icing was splattered with a red coulis and the cupcakes were adorned with red currants. We had a few vegan cupcakes from Ms Cupcake.”


One of David’s best friends who is a cocktail expert created Rhubarb Gimlet with Hendrick’s for the couples signature drink along with serving local craft beers. The food was by Tom Hunt. The couple chose a largely vegan-friendly meal, with the best of British. “We had many overseas guests coming, and we wanted the food to reflect the best of Britain so we had lots of salads with grains and vegetables plus charcuterie and a cheese platter. Tom’s fresh, locally-sourced menu was just what we wanted, and we love his no-waste policy.”


“David’s “best man”, his (female!) best friend Claire, owns and runs Dog Eared Studios whose space we took over. She was a rock star throughout the whole process. From helping during the photos, to letting us use the venue, decorating and clean-up…She was the most supportive, organized and calming influence either of us could have asked for.” 

The ceremony took place in the all-white gallery space and Saskia walked in to the Mariachi band and the aisle was lined with cherry blossoms.

“David planned the ceremony with his friend. They created the ‘Dictator of Love’ character and wrote the ceremony together. I was expecting it to be playful, but we weren’t prepared for what it would feel like to actually stand in front of our friends and family and declare our love and commitment to each other.”

The ‘moonlit garden party’ with the bright colours and low lighting created the evening’s ambiance for the guests as they danced to a DJ spinning mid twentieth century tunes

“There were so many moments of deep friendship—in the little and big things—the declarations of love and friendship, the hugs. One friend brought a spare pair of sandals, as if she knew my feet could not last in my shoes.”

One that you wished you were at for sure. Congratulations David and Saskia, and thanks to Jo Brown for sharing her work, I imagine that was one cool wedding to document.