Emma + Wayne – A Relaxed Hackney Pub Wedding

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There are just some weddings that I don’t mind admitting I have a touch of a girl crush on the bride. Yup, well I’ll say this now – Emma was one of those brides.

Emma and Wayne were married in October last year in London with an intimate Hackney Town Hall ceremony for just 20 guests and a reception at The Pub on the Park in London Fields. They kept the wedding small and low key, wanting it to be a day that every felt involved in and for it to be a happy and relaxed affair. When I was writing the credits for this I noticed firstly that there were a lot of very kind friends who assisted with the wedding but also just how simple their day was. No fuss or frills, and I rather like that. The day was beautifully and perfectly documented by the awesome Emma Case.

Do check out their music choices at the end too, some great pieces to listen to this Friday!

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0001 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0005 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0006 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0004 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0002 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0003 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0009

I love the above shot, I’d say she was pretty happy with her gift!

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0007 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0008

I think it’s safe to say Emma might look pretty good in a bin bag should she don one, but her incredible wedding dress was completely unique, having been crafted out of Victorian wedding veils, it was a piece of vintage couture. “My wedding dress was made by Jane Bourvis. For any brides-to-be who are looking for something unique and vintage book an appointment with her! My dress was beyond anything I had imagined and her creativity and passion for all things beautiful made my dream wedding dress into a reality. 

Emma wore a pretty vintage hair slide accessory that was bought by someone special, and her sister-in-law lent her the lovely beaded bag. She also chose to wear her Nan’s rings.

Emma’s gorgeous bridesmaids each chose their own dresses so that they could feel comfortable and beautiful in them and hope to wear again. I love the shade of nude that compliments each girl.

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0010 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0011 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0012 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0015

Such a lovely touch that Emma had her Grandad’s wedding ring melted which then made both her and Emma’s wedding bands.

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0014 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0013 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0016 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0017 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0023 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0021 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0020 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0022 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0018 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0019

Emma created all the flower arrangements herself (great job!) and confesses she was lucky that her favourite local florist had her favourite roses in!

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0025  LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0030 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0031LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0035 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0032 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0038 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0027 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0028 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0037


The nice thing about a relaxed wedding means you get to have a wander with your photographer to a nearby park and have time together. The portraits of Emma and Wayne are beautiful and such a lovely light to them, “Emma (and Pete!) truly made our day. Our wedding party for the ceremony was very small and Emma’s presence as the photographer was so unobtrusive she made everyone feel at ease and relaxed. Our day will not be unforgettable for various reasons but one major factor is down to Emma through her warmth, guidance and love of photography our memories will be encased forever more with the beautiful photos we now have as keepsakes.”

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0039LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0024LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0033 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0026 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0036LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0029LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0044

Got to love kids at weddings! Great shot captured…

LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0042LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0043LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0040 LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0041LB_EmmaWayne_EmmaCase_0045

Q – What music did you walk down the aisle to? Spiegel em Spiegel (so beautiful!)

Q – Do you have any planning advice for other brides? All I can advise is do what truly makes you happy.

Q – What was the most special or memorable moment of the day? Wayne – Emma walking down the aisle. Emma – the speeches! 

Q – What was your first dance song?I only have eyes for you by The Flamingoes

Once again, a beautifully relaxed wedding with a gorgeous couple who shared their special day with their closest friends and family. Thanks and congraulations to Emma and Wayne and to the superb Emma Case Photography for sharing this with London Bride!


Photography: Emma Case / Ceremony: Hackney Town Hall / Reception Venue: Pub on the Park / Wedding Dress: Jane Bourvis / Groom’s Suit: Our Legacy / Hair & Make-Up: Bride’s Friends / Flowers: Created by the Bride / Wedding Cake: Friend

  • This is just a beautiful wedding. I love everything about it. The photography is, of course, sublime ;)

  • I love love love this wedding – it’s so beautiful and magical, the photography is wonderful, and it really proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune for your wedding to be amazing.
    True class outshines all expensive distractions…

  • Beautiful photographs! Love these kind’a weddings :) x

  • So many natural moments captured. Great work Emma.

  • Stunning set of photos.

  • Really nice pictures of the first dance! :)

  • Wow, I love that wedding!! The couple is really cute.
    Greetings from Germany, Yvonne

  • Eileen

    Love love love the dress. Do you know if Emma is planning on selling it? Please send me her details if so. Thanks! E x

    • Charley

      Hi Eileen, I’m not sure, I can pass on your enquiry!

      • Eileen

        Thanks Charley. I presume you have my email from this form… Let me know if not and i can send it in a private message to you. x

  • Gemma Tomkinson

    Out of interest was this early or late October do you remember and when you say small after venue are we talking less than 60?