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You know how people get interviewed and they say what is the one item you wouldn’t leave the house without – well for the record mine is mascara (and maybe the eyelash curlers to go with if I can be greedy). OK so yes I have been blessed with rather large almond shaped eyes but I was not blessed with the fluttery lashes to surround them. Instead some short spiky and if anything downward pointing eyelashes that I have spent the best part of 18 years covering in thickening, lengthening, faking, turbo masacaras and curling them within an inch of my life. 
I’ll be the first one to admit that despite the above, in terms of beautifying myself, the eyelashes are at the bottom of the list. What with hair colouring, cuts, nails, waxing, eyebrows (and boy do I need them taking care of) it’s yet another thing for me to pay for and worry about. However if you follow me on twitter then you may recall that I recently went and had a trial for eyelash extensions courtesy of Lash Lab.  
 Lash Lab in Brick Lane, Shoreditch
Lash Lab is run by the energetic and remarkably skilled Kym who has a lovely little beauty studio on Brick Lane. I turned up for my appointment having done some research on eyelash extensions as I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t really know that they existed, and after chatting about weddings (a lot) I finally lay on the bed ready to get lashed.  We discussed what kind of look I wanted and given that I quite like the fluttery but natural look Kym chose lashes that were 1/2 way between natural and OTT. 
The difference between these and fake eyelashes is that every lash that can, will have an extension applied to it individually by hand. Most women should be able to have the extensions unless you have very fine or barely there lashes, in which case as there is nothing to adhere to they won’t be suitable. As with anything, the more we spoke about the process the more I realised what a skill it is, and that it’s all down to the application and not in fact the product itself. 
Lash Lab has so many kinds of girls coming to see her time and time again. Models, strippers, flight attendants – all the usual suspects that have to keep up their appearance but she also has a huge number of regular women who have fallen under her spell, and by the end of my session I fear I too am one of these. She also has a growing number of bride-to-be’s which I have to say is no surprise. 
The lashes last between 4 to 6 weeks so it really is the perfect treatment for any bride, as it is one less worry between the few days leading up to your wedding and then they will see you through your honeymoon comfortably. Once applied, you don’t have to wear mascara so it saves you time in the morning and it also means there’s nothing to take off at the end of the day (which is quite liberating)! You do have to be careful not to rub your eyes, or use any oil based lotions as this can dissolve the glue but other than that it’s fairly low maintenance. It’s a good idea to have a trial so you get the right look, and the perfect time to do this is before your hen party so you can make the most of them!
(how brave am I showing this sans make up?!)


The application is totally pain free, and Kym at Lash Lab is so accurate and careful that I literally didn’t know she was even doing anything to my lashes (other than my eyes being closed) and although it was fairly time consuming at about 1.5 hours I was relaxed and just chatting away so it went pretty quick.  
I sat up, blinked into the mirror and fell in love with them. I suddenly looked really girly, feminine and they really did ‘bring out my eyes’.  I can report that my boyfriend woke up the next morning and said ‘oh you look so pretty’ which let me tell you he’s not said in a long time! The day afterwards I also had a comment from my workmate who just exclaimed that I looked really pretty and different – so I let her in on the secret, but I was very surprised how many people noticed! I had this done 4 weeks ago and after fairly good care with no rubbing or oily lotions I’m still sporting fluttery lashes though probably only 25% have stayed but that is still enough for me to not have to wear mascara. I might just be popping in for some top ups some time soon…
A full set of lashes applied by Kym is £85 and for top ups afterwards this ranges from £40-60 depending on the length of time required.
For more information Visit the Lash Lab –   call 07807 421 345 or email
  • Amma // Beyond Beyond

    Wowsers! The lashes are amazing I am really tempted!

  • Helen

    Instant glam! You look fabulous. xx

  • anna and the ring

    Ooo I want some!

    You look like a sex kitten!

  • Josie ♥ Savoir Weddings ♥

    I gotta get me some of these bad boys.

  • Anonymous

    Nice I tried primalashes. More convinient for me because they come to your house to do the lashes. My wedding is taking so much time that I would not be able to go all the way to shorditch, You look great though. It is great to have these for your wedding. Their website is http://www.primalashes,com.