The Grand Budapest Hotel – Wedding Inspiration

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The other week I escaped into Wes Anderson’s world of The Grand Budapest Hotel in the comfort of my favourite London cinema, The Aubin (if you live in London and you’ve not taken in a film there, seriously get to it!). It really was an escape, if you’ve not already seen the film, every frame is incredibly beautiful, inspiring and somehow delicious it feels like one long treat and the story is charming, heartwarming and just a wonderful watch too. I came away feeling like I was lost in a part of his world for a few hours, the design, storyline and characters completely captured my heart so I thought it would be fun to do a little Grand Budapest Hotel wedding inspiration post!

Grand Budapest Hotel - Design Board

The visual aspect of the film is undeniably fabulous. I enjoyed reading this interview with the lead designer from the film, it was all just quite magical, quirky, charming and odd and all so well executed. When it comes to weddings of course, odd is perhaps not always quite what you are after, however there were so many details and lovely design cues from the film that would translate into a wedding day so perfectly.

This isn’t about re-creating the look as such (bell-boy Groom anyone?), rather ideas inspired by the film, so here you go!

Grand Budapest Hotel Wedding Inspiration by London Bride


Art Deco Inspired Stationery

The external shots of the hotel that are splashed across all the posters have the beautiful signage of the hotel in the classic Art Deco style (think Burgh Island). This suite featured above was a bespoke design by the talented Abigail Warner.

Quirky Cake

You can’t come away from watching the film without wishing so bad that the fictional Mendl’s Bakery really existed. A regular feature in the film is the courtesan au chocolat pastry from the fictional Mendl’s Bakery, a stack of three chocolate-filled profiteroles frosted in pastel hues.

You could of course opt for a croquembouche if you wanted a tower of profiteroles, but I rather like this pastel coloured quirky cake for it’s prettiness! I like the miniature sizes of the cakes in the film, but for the wedding let’s take it big! I also like the idea of having an iced cake with rainbow pastel layers revealed inside – it’s all about the unexpected.

Baby’s Breath Bouquet

There is actually a wedding scene in the film (albeit a fairly brief and sort of bittersweet one) and Agatha as a bride carries a simple bouquet of Gypsophelia (or baby’s breath) which was tied with a blue ribbon I do believe (yes, I noticed that much detail, obsessed me?). The perfect ‘something blue’ to include.

Treat Your Guests

Having seen these used at a very fabulous wedding last year as the favours for each guest, there is no denying that the heart shaped blush pink and gold box packaging of these delectable little truffles is nothing short of perfection. If I could get my hands on an actual Mendl’s box I would, Prestat are also similar, but I’d like to add a touch of blue velvet ribbon to these to make it that little bit more fun, and a little more Grand Budapest.

Spritz of Scent

The concierge, as played by Ralph Fiennes doesn’t leave his room without a spritz of his favourite (fictional) L’Air de Panache cologne, and how fabulous is the bottle used? It’s all about the atomiser pump, perfumes these days really lack them but this one by Van Cleef & Arpels has that pretty vintage flair to it, and would be a perfect scent for the wedding day (and hey it would look so good on your dressing table afterwards!). Alternatively there are a number of antique perfume bottles floating around on Ebay to fill with your chosen wedding day scent. So much more romantic!

Boho Braids

Pastry chef, Agatha in the film wears her hair in the innocent and playful Heidi braids, and I love this look from the Jenny Packham campaign of the Heidi braid for a bride but with a bohemian feel. A little messy around the edges, a little whispy makes it a very romantic bridal hairstyle.

Blushing Bride

Whilst this doesn’t exactly feature in the film, I can’t help but feel a blush pink wedding dress would be a great fit. The use of colour throughout is so striking that a traditional ivory dress just wouldn’t quite cut it.

Tassel Design

These could be used as part of the seating plan where they are hung to keys, or maybe just tied around napkins on the tables, there’s just something chic yet playful about the little bundles of thread that make up a tassel. A great little DIY touch for any creative brides out there too!

Magic Keys

The ‘Society of the Crossed Keys’ is not only a chapter in the film, but a re-released publication of stories by an Austrian author who has long been an inspired to Wes Anderson. In the film, the concierges at a number of hotels including of course The Grand Budapest are all members of the society and wear the little ‘crossed keys’ logo as a simple. Keys of course also feature in the film with it being a hotel and there’s something so magical (I swear it’s all due to Clarke’s Magic Step Shoes) about keys and I think they fit perfectly into weddings, plus of course a mix of antique keys look so very pretty. Hang them for the seating plan with tags (and tassels!).

Vintage Travel

There were a number of scenes in the film where vintage suitcases were piled toppling high around the hotel and in rooms, and whilst the ‘vintage’ scene has moved on, again there is something so charming about them. I love the piled high to make a display for the flowers or cake or even guest book! Then you get to use them at home afterwards for storage, win win!

Take A Bow

Any charming Gent in the film has one key style piece in common – the bow tie. Already a big thumbs up in my book for Grooms, why not make it a velvet one for that added glamour and old school charm. Instant sophistication!

Crossed Keys Monogram

Again, a little nod to the crossed keys reference, this makes such a lovely monogram for the couple to use across their wedding stationery. It’s the ‘joining’ that’s suggested that makes is especially perfect for weddings. Again, maybe too much Secret Garden as a child…the obsession with keys continues!

Top Row:  Art Deco Stationery by Abigail Warner via b.loved / Pastel Tiered Wedding Cake:  / Bouquet of Gypsophlia with Blue Ribbon: Munster Rose via Wedding Chicks  Second Row: Crossed Keys Invitation and Logo: Besty White / Groom with Bow Tie: Laura Gordon Photography via Magnolia Rouge Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles  Third Row: Vintage Suitcases: Corina Silva Studios via Wedding Chicks / Key Seating Plan: Jennifer Boyle Photography via Ruffled / Van Cleef & Arpels Perfume: Liberty Bottom Row: Hanging Tassels: Estera Events / Reem Acra Blush Wedding Dress: Jose Villa Photography via Style Me Pretty / Heidi Braid Bride: Jenny Packham