Hello To The New London Bride


hello london brideIt’s here, the all new London Bride blog.  I feel like I’ve been talking about this for years and then I realise…. Oh. I actually have. The re-brand started way back in September 2012, three whole years ago when I knew I wanted to change the design of the blog and fell for the charms of Erin Hung,  a talented hand lettering artist and owner of BerinMade. Erin’s style was the perfect fit for the London Bride brand with it’s stylish, modern and fun feel, so she was commissioned to hand-letter the logo you see above you, it’s been hard hiding it away for 3 years (unless you’ve been a lucky recipient of a LB business card in which case you’ll have seen it some time ago!) so I’m very happy to let it finally shine.

And then…well, I got busy.


The main issue being that I set myself the task of designing the blog. Little old me, wedding planner, blogger and definitely NOT any kind of designer, however being such a design snob meant that if I wanted it to look like the vision I had, then it was going to have to be me to do it. So I did, except it’s taken me 3 years to get here so you can imagine my relief today. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials and some kind and patient friends who have helped me on the way (Fanni, Chloe, Camille, Solene & of course the ever enduring Marcus).

My designs were brought to life by Kim Lawler (design I can handle, code and WordPress, I cannot) who has been endlessly patient with my lack of technical knowledge, my ambitious yet totally impractical ideas and last minute major issues and changes but has guided me to these very pages. So, thank you Kim. You are a coding queen.


Arrow-RightThe most important aspect of the new site was to make it more user friendly. A cleaner design with easier navigation to make for what I hope is a much more enjoyable and easier reading experience.

Arrow-RightIt’s responsive. That doesn’t mean it will answer any questions you shout at the screen, it just means you can read and navigate your way around with ease whether you are on a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or some kind of android thingamajig. I’m personally loving the new mobile version.

Arrow-RightThe main home page of the blog will from now on show snippets of posts which if you like you can hit ‘click to see more’ so for all new posts, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling just to get to the next post (kudos for putting up with that system for years everyone, mwah!).

Arrow-RightYou can search Real Weddings by style, either from the dropdown menu or the sidebar images.

Arrow-RightYou can find all ‘Inspiration’ posts such as decor, food & drink or flowers from the menu.

Arrow-RightYou can find all ‘Aisle Style’ posts such as bridal fashion, bridesmaids and beauty from the menu.

Arrow-RightThere’s a handy new Events Calendar so you can see all the goings on in the wedding world in London and the UK (obviously this will be added to regularly as more events come up).

Arrow-RightFor those who have submitted real weddings, there will be an online submission form for your couples to fill in which should make life easier!

Arrow-RightOther little tweaks should make your life easier, the galleries, the tags, the clear credits… hopefully just a friendlier experience all round.


Worth saying that all old blog content will be in the old format but for all new content this will apply…

Whilst it’s taken 3 years to get to even this point, we are still tweaking so please bear with us for any niggles or errors which may occur, as we are working hard to iron these out over the next few weeks. If you have any feedback, thoughts or comments then you can drop me a message here!

So to all my readers new and loyal, my talented and wonderful industry friends and colleagues, to all the couples I feature and to the brands and companies who support London Bride, thank you. For then, for now and for the future. You’re all ace.

Team London Bride.

Image was created by me using my new found brush lettering technique (though admittedly a lot more practice is required) having attended the fabulous Quill London Brush Lettering Workshop. If you fancy learning this technique there are some spaces left for the upcoming workshop on Sat 6th June! 

  • Kim

    Yay! Been a pleasure working on this with you, Charley :)

    • Charley | London Bride

      Huge relief! Thanks for all your amazing work on making it happen! x

  • It’s truly beautiful Charley, congratulations. xxx

    • Charley | London Bride

      Thanks Franky! Glad you like it :) x

  • Emily Ever After Press

    So beautiful Charley, just as I knew it would be! Huge congrats are in order and I hope you are taking the chance to relax with a well earned glass of champagne!!! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

    • Charley | London Bride

      Thank you so much Emily! x

  • Teri

    It looks amazing Charley! I forgot to check it out at the start of the week but you’ve done such a great job. I love that you’ve used your brush lettering in the images :) x

    • Charley | London Bride

      Thank you so much Teri! It was perfect timing to learn from you, wanted to practice it so thought I’d give it a go. No where near as good as yours but still fun having a go! x