How To Print Fabric – DIY Printing Workshop


Town Hall Hotel Corner Room - How To Print Fabric Workshop with Zeena Shah and Papermash

Hasn’t Autumn been just wonderful this year? I’m pretty certain the last few years haven’t been quite as scenic and picture perfect, the flaming yellows oranges and reds have been so beautiful to witness.

I was able to take full advantage of the beautiful season as I attended a fabric printing workshop to learn to print a beautiful leaf shape onto linen, which took place at The Town Hall Hotel in East London in the very instagrammable setting of The Corner Room.

The workshop was held by the lovely and talented textile designer Zeena Shah and the concept was from her new beautiful book How To Print Fabric. Alongside Zeena, Lynne from the online stationery boutique Papermash was there to help us style our end products with lots of gorgeous accessories and touches.

The process was so much easier than I thought, and made me think for any brides doing DIY projects how great Zeena’s book is as it’s full of straightforward tutorials on printing onto fabric (using household items like string, lint rollers and turnips!) which you can then use to create all sorts of items such as bags, linens and artwork.

We then styled our linens (because come on, as bloggers, there had to be a bit of this in!) and you can see the table I worked with Terri from The Lovely Drawer on in the photos. We went for a sort of ‘deconstructed Autumn’ look….!

Great fun to hang out and meet with some wonderful lifestyle and interior bloggers too, Jeska Lobster & Swan, Teri, The Lovely Drawer, Katy, Apartment Apothecary, Lucy Capture by Lucy and Kat Housewife Confidential. Thanks also to Zeena and Lynne for being fabulous hostess’ and to Town Hall Hotel for letting us take over their beautiful space!