it’s all change – new look london bride blog!


No dear readers – your eyes are not deceiving you. You have indeed come to the same old London Bride wedding blog but one that’s had, well, a much needed bit of a pick me up! I won’t lie – this website has been in progress for about a year and a half because stupidly, I insisted on designing it myself (aided by talented designer boyfriend) and when you are as indecisive as me, these things take time (and patience, as the poor boy found out).

I do believe you are looking at approximately version 57 – so I really hope you like it. I wanted to inject a bit of colour, fun and pretty into the world of London Bride as I like to think that reflects me and my style rather well. It’s all nice and clean but you’ll notice there is a few stripes and hearts dotting around too as it would have been rude of me not to include those details somewhere…you know me!

So as well as the pretty new look, there have been a lot of functional changes too!

– I’ve moved from the horrors of Blogger to WordPress (hurrah, hurrah!) so the benefit of it not only being hopefully more efficient for me to run is that you can comment more easily (so please do feel free to give it a try!).

– All my old content can be found here still (though please bear with me and some formatting issues, it’s a tricky thing to move over!). You can click on the useful categories on the right to see blog posts under each section.

– All the social media buttons are now updated and easy as pie to use (and pretty too!)

– I have an updated ‘Portfolio‘ page where you can see examples of my work in a handy little gallery

– You can see a list of my ‘Services’ now if you are looking for help with styling and planning

Another BIG new change (and this is big change for me!) is I will now finally be accepting sponsorship opportunities to like-minded, stylish and creative suppliers and companies.

When I started blogging three years ago, I made the decision that I wanted to have full control over the content of London Bride and didn’t want to jeopordise this by feeling that I had to mention companies in order to just earn a bit of cash. As you know, I’m hugely passionate about weddings and style and I aim to maintain the high quality of features but a blog is a lot of work and by offering sponsorship it means I can continue doing what I love.

It seems a perfect time to be opening up the blog for sponsors as wedding blogs are now a vital resource for brides and they really are leading the way in the wedding industry, especially within the UK. There are a huge number of wonderful, creative and talented suppliers and companies out there now and I would like to show them support by not only blogging about them, but also showing my approval of them by taking them on as a sponsor.

There are a number of sponsor spots available, so if you are a modern and stylish supplier or maybe a London based company please do get in touch to receive my media pack and to find out more about becoming a sponsor with London Bride.

And finally, with a fresh start comes a fresh perspective! As well as continuing to bring you posts on style, inspiration and creativity I am really keen to start featuring more modern real weddings and engagement shoots, especially those in and around London, as it is after all where my home and heart is! If you are a photographer then please do take a look at my submissions page for more info on submitting your work to London Bride, I’d love to hear from you.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the new site. I *think* I can hear mutters of about time… but maybe that’s just in my own head…

I look forward to bringing you even more style to the british aisles…

Charley xo

  • love the new look – very fresh. Only one comment…the social media buttons open in the same tab – would be nice to open in a new tab so you can keep browsing the blog. Otherwise looking great

    • Charley

      Thanks Holly, am working on that one!

  • Let me be the first (ahem!!) to say WAHOO!!!!! looking awesome Ms Charley! lovely and fresh and everything looks great! Well done and many successes growing forward with London Bride :”)

  • Having just revealed my new site yesterday, I know your pain, Charley ;) It looks amazing though. Really fresh and airy x

    • Charley

      Thanks Kirsten, will have to take a look at yours… x

  • Looks great! Nice work x

  • Bloody Love it! well done you, it looks fab, loving the freshness of it and the colours. great work xxxx

  • looks “fab a roo”, well done! Here’s to a bright London Bride future :) xKx

  • Oh Charley, it looks fabulous! Think it’s safe to say that all that hard work has paid off. Well done you! xx

  • Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new site! *passes out* It’s so pretty! xxx

  • seriously cute. well done you!

  • Absolutely beautiful, Charley. Be proud! xx

  • Well done Charley B! Looks super sweet and super snazzy! I’m sure versions 1 through 56 were also superb, but this one seems like just the right fit for you. Huzzah!

  • I love this, Charley. Completely you, and so cute! Well done!

  • Jo

    This makes me feel like Spring is just around the corner, so cute, well done and worth the pain (for both of you)! x

  • ahhhh what a cute redesign, so welcoming…the hard slog has DEFO paid off. Also absolutely LOVED the latest issue of Dashing x

  • The new website is beautiful and I LOVE the colours, very soft, modern and fresh! x

  • Hey Charley!

    Wow – I LOVE it!

    WP rocks right? ;) Nice font too .

    I’m a huge fan of clean design and this is perfect. Well done! Are you accepting commissions?! ;)


  • Its gorgeous fun and classy Charley! I am struggling what the site used to look like before, it’s like it has always been like this. Perfect. ;)

  • holly franklin

    love the new site – great look and feel.well done you! xx

  • Wow! It’s fabulous! So clean and pretty! Well done to you both. xx

  • C’est magnifique! I love the new site Charley, what a lovely fresh layout. Can’t wait to see what new goods you have in store!

  • Charley

    Thank you all so much for the happy feedback! So pleased you like it, there’s one more little surprise up my sleeve for the blog but not quite there yet…. so keep your eyes peeled.

    I am loving my new comment system (so long blogger!), so thank you all for trying it out! xo

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  • Great new look, the font is fab!