London Bride – A Portrait Of by Caught The Light Photography

Aisle Style

Once upon a time a very camera shy, and self critical blogger was asked by an incredibly lovely and talented photographer [whom she’d admired for quite some time] to perhaps have some fun with a little portrait session. The coy blogger who, having been useless on a previous photoshoot and wasn’t too keen on or good at posing, realised she would have been crazy to say no, so she said yes. And thank goodness she did.

The blogger was awkward as she strolled around the Barbican in a short summer dress. But as the sun shone brightly the lady with the lense captured her every move and also more importantly, her personality. The blogger found herself laughing and smiling because amazingly she had started to enjoy herself. This was unexpected. As were the quite pretty results of this very sunny day.
Chloe at Caught The Light Photography you are one clever, patient and wonderful lady. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I would also like to thank everyone who left the most incredibly generous comments, especially those over on Caught the Light’s blog post. Tenielle, you especially made my day year. Kate Winslet?!

I urge anyone who is awkward or fearful of the camera to book Chlo√©.  She even took the big, looming and scary black lense hood off the camera for me. Now that’s a pro. And not that I’m superficial or anything, but I also got sent the prettiest DVD wrapped up with a ribbon with my photos as the cover and insert. It’s the little things…

Do visit and their blog to see more relaxed and pretty wedding, engagement and portrait photography.
  • Annabel

    You are so beautiful Charley. Chloe has done such a wonderful job of capturing you so relaxed. This helps ease my nerves a little for my own portrait shoot in 2 weeks!!

    Much love,

    Annabel xXx

  • kat – rocknrollbride

    you werent useless in our shoot you silly sausage! and you look utterly Beeeeeeautiful by the way

  • Anna-Maria

    Gorgeous! Well done you!

  • Josie

    Gorgeous light, gorgeous dress, gorgeous girl! xx

  • Hannah – The Ebury Collection

    Really lovely! You look fab x

  • Dominique Bader

    You look beautiful! I love these photos!

  • monda-loves

    Beautiful pictures indeed and yes, there is definitely a look of Kate Winslet in one of the pictures.
    I am also one of being camera shy so I know exactly where you are coming from. Hooray for being brave.

  • London Bride

    Thank you one and all for such lovely words on this little shoot. Feels kinda weird being on this page so big…

  • Carolanne Armstrong

    you look like Kate Winslet in the last pic! very pretty images :-)

  • Kirsten Mavric

    I love how the flowers match the colour of your blog so perfectly! And you DO look like Kate Winslet…

  • wouldliketoeat

    Utterly beautiful photos and wowaweewa I want that dress!

    Oh and that last snap – gorgeousness.

  • Hilary

    You look stunning in these photos, really natural. And I LOVE your dress. Can I be cheeky and ask where you got it from?!

  • London Bride

    Hi all, I was very lucky to be able to wear one of the only few 'summer' dresses I own as they don't get much of an outing in this country! It's a couple of years old from Topshop I'm afraid so not currently in the shops. Next time maybe I'll treat myself and buy something new for the occasion :)

  • Lucy

    Really Beautiful photos and you look amazing Charley xxxxxxx

  • ChristineMurphy@ hawaii wedding

    You are so beautiful and I so love the dress so so in love with it. I love how the photos came about so cool photography.

  • I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this post! You are an absolute treat to photograph Mrs. So much more beautiful than you realise. Thank you for the lovely post! x