London Bride’s Wish List – Christmas Edit


Somehow, the first few weeks of December just fly by, and just when you think you have all the time in the world to do your shopping, you realise, that there are only two weekends left before Christmas. Panic sets in, at least it did with me so I resorted to online shopping (seriously, why would you go down Oxford Street?) and I’m more than happy to pay the delivery charges for the post man to bring me treats with a smile (bonus as mine always calls me ‘Miss’ and is ridiculously cheery!).

You’ve probably been way more organised than I, and therefore this may be a little redundant but for those that have yet to disclose their wish list to their generous loved ones, I hope this may be of some inspiration, and if not… well there is always the January sales!

London Bride Wish Edit

1. Whilst I’m at work I have my beloved Rose Gold ‘Layla’ Frends Headphones that I wear when trying to focus when I’ve got my head down on a proposal, however on the go to and from meetings I’m always on my Spotify or listening to Podcasts (hello, anyone else obsessed with Serial?) so these gold in-ear headphones from Happy Plugs would be perfect to add some glamour to the 149 bus journey. They certainly would live up to their name!

2. Not going to lie, this one was chosen purely for the name, the ‘Loose Lips’ candle – I’m obsessed with anything Byredo related, if you haven’t had the opportunity to sample their fragrances, do. Really. Plus it’s an excuse to head to Liberty. The Swedes really know how to do perfume with style and substance and without being shallow, the packaging is rather swish.

3. Rings, hair clips, coins, keys – a girl has so many bits! A little dish like this super cute ‘Odds and Ends’ Daisy Place Dish from Kate Spade to have on your bedside table or in your bathroom makes sure all your previous bits and pieces stay safe, and that you don’t take your engagement ring off and put it by the kitchen sink/bathroom basin/desk at work (delete as appropriate!) and forget where it is. Not that I’ve ever done that. Nope. Never.

4. Bring me some figgy pudding, oh bring some right now! OK, not quite the same but it is figgy. The Diptique Philoosssekouss (kidding it’s Philosykos, but can anyone actually pronounce this, I dread asking for it at the counter!) It’s musky, figgy and takes me away to far away shores, perhaps more of a summer fragrance but I’ll stash this one away for when the warmer nights come in. Top tip – don’t forget to put your perfumes out the sunlight ladies, they don’t like light or heat so will last much longer if stored in a cupboard. I know, such a shame when they are so pretty.

5. This beautiful set of J Crew jewels – the ‘Glacier’ necklace, is for those days when you have zero minutes to get ready to go to an after work party or last minute dinner and all you need to do is throw some sparkle on and you’ll be all set. I particularly love something like this over a plain grey or white t-shirt. Casual, yet glam (or at least attempting).

6. Oh come on, if you follow me on Instagram you just knew there had to be something cat related in here. In the form of this Lulu Guinness Kooky Cat purse. Totally unnecessary but totally coveted (note: currently reduced at time of writing!!)

7. The packaging is rose gold and it’s make-up. By Charlotte Tilbury. Need I say more?

8. If I can give you one piece of advice this year, it’s BUY THIS. If you ever have trouble getting to sleep, or just need a hand winding down at the end of the night this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works will be your most reached for product. Aptly named, it annoyingly actually does work.

9. I have a number of glittery, metallic phone cases on the go, but one can never have enough and I don’t have a gold glitter one.. so this little glitter number is from Gap. Just remember a phone case is for life… not just for Christmas.

10. Given my recent new hobby of writing my name 100 times over, otherwise known as attempting modern calligraphy, I’ve re-discovered the joy of hand-writing notes, letters and cards and with a fountain pen this swish (it has a gold nib!) it would be just in time for some thank you notes in the New Year. This is the Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen from Quill London, don’t forget to stock up on cartridges too, I doubt you’ll be able to raid the work stationery cupboard for those.