Aisle Style

I think the temptation when trying on dresses can sometimes be so pressured (time, money, sales assistants!) that you could find yourself thinking ‘this will do’ as ‘The” dress can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Have you often flicked through magazines thinking, hmm, well I like the back of that dress, I like the detail on this dress, the neckline of that other one and the material of this one but why can’t they all be combined in one dress to fall in love with? Then I think it’s time to consider a bespoke (or couture) dress. A very well known, and reputable designer is Gert Van De Merwe. A consultation with the Cape Town designer discusses your ideas, themes, venue as well as taking you through some inspirational dresses at his studio in Mayfair. No doubt with his twenty years experience he will guide you to the most suitable shape for you, to suit your style and for your wedding. A friend of the family had the most elegant dress designed by him and from all the comments I heard her getting on the day, I think it was well worth every penny.