Modern Calligraphy Workshop With Quill London and Lamplighter London

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Modern Calligraphy London

It’s no secret that everyone has gone a little bit crazy about beautiful hand lettering and calligraphy in the creative world, and with good reason. I fell in love with it in my days whilst working at a design agency and have since had huge admiration for this art, something about the romance and refined nature of this craft.

Last week, much to my delight, I was kindly invited to a taster modern calligraphy workshop presented by Quill London, an online stationery boutique curating the most stylish and coveted items. The class was held at their pop-up Christmas market at the Tracey Neuls boutique and the masterclass was taught by modern London calligrapher, Chiara Perano of Lamplighter London, whose modern and decorative style has been commissioned for weddings, events and even royalty so we were in good hands (literally).


If you are a creative DIY bride who perhaps is wanting to attempt some calligraphy for your own day, then I highly recommend you book onto the modern calligraphy workshops in London, that they are running are a brilliant introduction, likewise for anyone wanting to indulge their love as a hobby, like myself!

Having done the class, it is of course quite a lot harder than it looks (Chaira made it look effortless, I enjoyed watching her more than I did having a go myself!) and calligraphers have been perfecting their style for years to achieve the beautiful work they create so I should advise that you won’t necessarily become an expert overnight (or even in a few weeks) as it truly is an art which takes time, patience and most importantly practice but it is a fantastic opportunity to learn the basic techniques which are key and fun to learn!

Modern Calligraphy Workshop London

Above was my best attempt in class! A long way to go but definitely good fun learning! 

For those who don’t have the inclination to try it themselves or don’t fancy lending their hand calligraphy skills to addressing 150 envelopes to send to their wedding guests, there are so many incredible artists out there who offer their services for hand lettering and calligraphy, whether for a wedding, event or for a personal or professional project a few of my favourites who each have their own incredible style, are Lamplighter London for modern calligraphy, BerinMade for pretty hand lettering and for traditional elegance and craft, Paul Antonio Scribe.

For more information on the modern calligraphy workshops (or just to treat yourself to some nice stationery!) you can visit Quill London for upcoming dates and to book!