Mr + Mrs – Iconic London Engagement Session – Nirali + Kunal


If you are going to come to London for an engagement shoot, then why wouldn’t you want to have a taste of the city’s iconic backdrops in your beautiful photographs? Well when Nirali and Kunal came over from New York that’s exactly what photographer Marianne Taylor gave them, and of course they just so happened upon a hint of very British weather too…

I love these photographs, I forget sometimes just how wonderful London as a backdrop can be! Thanks and congrats to Nirali and Kunal and to Marianne for letting me share them. Just goes to show, you don’t have to let the great British weather stop you from being oh so chic in the city!

Photographs: Marianne Taylor Photography

  • Love these! Something so beautiful about the simplicity of just the couple–no props or set-up, just lots of love!:)

    • These are gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Swit swoo.. Pretty fab!

  • Oh how gorgeous?! And Nirali and Kunal are so photogenic!