Mr & Mrs [Kerry and James] St Paul’s Cathedral & Protestors


I was contacted by the very lovely Charlie [ahem, there’s a few of us isn’t there!] at We Heart Pictures to feature this wedding, and being ‘London’ Bride it seemed the perfect fit for the blog.
Having a wedding in London can put you at risk to certain unavoidable events that occur, and these guys had to deal with the Occupy London protestors! I remember being a bridesmaid for my friend who was getting married at the ICA just off The Mall a few years back and due to protests, she had to arrive and get ready in the office with no mirror and was very late for her own wedding, eek!
Kerry and James were married at the end of October and had their ceremony in the amazing St Paul’s Cathedral – which not everyone can do but they were lucky enough to marry there as Kerry’s dad had been awarded an MBE which allows his children to have the privilege of marrying there.
However due to St Paul’s iconic status – Occupy London, an ongoing protest and demonstration against economic inequality – had taken redisency outside the Cathedral since mid October.
I can only imagine the worry it would have caused the couple in the days leading up to the wedding as the area was attracting a lot of press and activity. Kerry says it was touch and go whether the Cathedral would be open on the day due to the protest, however they were determined not to let this spoil their wedding. Instead the couple chose to embrace the unusual nature of their wedding day and stopped for photographs on the steps surrounded by press and tourists, with the protestors even wishing them well on their special day and for a happy marriage. It’s so lovely to see a bride and groom so relaxed and taking everything in their stride on the day. Sometimes you just can’t plan these things!
It was an emotional ceremony, as sadly Kerry’s dad passed away, so she took the opportunity to involve her children with her two boys, Reece and Connor giving her away and her daughter Koralie as her maid of honour. Kerry felt very lucky to do this and she says that she had some surreal moments and really felt like her dad was watching over them on the day. So lovely to have those feelings!
The reception was held at Café du Marche as it’s not only their favourite restaurant but also where James proposed, how sweet! As huge food lovers they wanted to make sure their guests enjoyed the meal so knew it would be a great choice for them.
The reception was decorated with Kerry’s favourite colours and had a lovely informal feel to it. The chairs all had homemade cushions [by a very talented friend!] and the flower jugs were collected and sourced in junk shops and on ebay by Kerry.
After the meal the guests enjoyed a photobooth by We Heart Pictures and Kerry describes the day as being so perfect. “honestly and truly it really was the best day of my life, I married my best friend and I now feel so complete and happy”. 
Kerry’s advice is “take time out on the day – slow down and look around to enjoy everyone and  everything. The time goes so fast you need to remember to relax and enjoy yourself.”

Photographers: We Heart Pictures

Location: Ceremony – St Paul’s Cathedral and Reception – Le Café du Marche
Dress: Hollywood Dreams from Expressions
Adult Bridesmaid: Jim Helmn
Young Bridesmaids: I Love Gorgeous
Jewellery: Sourced on Etsy
Groom’s Suit: Jaeger
Flowers: Angel Flowers, Islington
Page Boys: Monsoon

Congratulations Kerry and James and huge thanks to We Heart Pictures for sharing this wedding.

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