Mr + Mrs London Bride (Part 1 – The NYC Elopement)

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Photography by Amber GressFilm by Philip White Weddings

Amber Gress

After being in the industry for eight years, It’s not often I draw a blank at what to write or say when it comes to weddings, and yet this page has been open for quite some time (months and weeks, even). Whilst there’s so much to tell you, I imagine the above sort of says it all really. 

WE GOT married!

Since I was whisked away by Marcus on a treasure hunt surprise trip to NYC and a magical proposal back in 2011, New York has always been at the back of our minds.  After five years of attempting to plan a wedding here, it became apparent it was going to be an impossible task (for so many reasons), so we eventually made the decision to elope in secret. After just 2 months of planning behind closed doors, with only our immediate family (and a hundred or so onlookers) we said ‘I do’ on Pebble Beach in Brooklyn with the sun shining and the city of NYC as our backdrop on 11th May 2016 and it was a perfectly imperfect romantic whirlwind. Yes, that’s not a typo, we have in fact been married over a year and have just celebrated our first anniversary as husband and wife!!

‘Learn to love surprises’ 

By the time you’re reading this we’ll have held Part 2 here in London, our ‘surprise-post-elopement-wedding-celebration-party’ on our one year anniversary with a rather carefully orchestrated reveal, a personal vow renewal and hopefully more than a few glasses of celebratory bubbles with our closest friends. That is… if they are still speaking to us.

No longer always the wedding planner, never the bride… after fifteen years together and having made over 100 weddings happen for other people, it feels pretty damn good to have finally joined the club and for it to have been my turn for a change. 

It’s a bit of a tale to tell, and truth be told I think I need a bit of time to enjoy finally being able to wear my wedding ring and say ‘my husband’ in public (although having a secret husband for a year has been rather fun). So for now I’ll leave you with our very special announcement film by Philip White and where it all started with a magical NYC proposal 6 years ago… and I look forward to sharing parts 1 and 2 with you soon. 


A small, well BIG, message of thanks to everyone who made this happen (parts 1 & 2!). For all their support, talent and of course for keeping this secret for a whole year. Special thanks and for their endless patience to our photographer Amber Gress and film-maker Philip White whom created memories beyond words for us in New York a year ago. To the few confidantes who were in on this, thank you, thank you, thank you for being a sounding board, and to the many friends and colleagues I’ve told little white lies too, please forgive me!

  • How wonderful! Huge congratulations! <3 <3 Also, that picture and that film, perfection. xo

    • Charley | London Bride

      Thank you Marianne! x

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    I can’t play the video for some reason :(

    • Charley | London Bride

      Hi Kirsten! Hmm not sure what’s wrong as it works fine for me on all my devices? You can watch the direct vimeo link here –

  • How absolutely beautiful Charley. Loved watching the video.

    • Charley | London Bride

      Thank you Anneli :)

  • wow.. beautiful. Great video :)

  • What a beautiful video! :)