Colourful Wedding & Candy Anthony Bride at The Museum Of Childhood

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Photography by Peachey Photography


It’s great to see how couple Lisa and Will built a wedding that reflected them, especially in the venues they chose which allowed them to have a colourful and playful theme with a hint of nostalgia in her gorgeous fifties style Candy Anthony dress. Lots of colour for their late summer day with lots of ‘sweet’ details, quite literally with an amazing dessert table along with thoughtful favours of books for their guests and lots of entertaining speeches!


You can see through the photos from Peachey Photography that the day was colourful, playful with a hint of nostalgia which worked perfectly with the reception venue, the V&A Museum of Childhood. “I didn’t have a set vision, but I wanted the day to be bright and colourful, and for there to be a vintage yet playful theme, in keeping with the venues.”


Lisa looks amazing in her lace detail short 1950s style dress, perfectly suited to her petite figure and with the fun birdcage veil tied nicely into the nostalgic and playful feel to the day. “I always knew I would pick a shorter wedding dress. Being just shy of 5ft 4ins, I’ve never been one for maxi dresses, and I wanted to feel like myself on the wedding day, so this dress from Candy Anthony had to be the one. It was fun yet flattering, and had no boning or corsetry so I was comfortable on the day – I wanted to be able to dance and eat and drink without threatening to suffocate myself!

It was also made up of two layers which meant I could have two different looks: I just took off the lovely lace layer, added a green ribbon and a bit of red lipstick and ta-dah – I had a different look for the end of the party”. Such a great idea to switch up your look from day to evening with just a few simple changes to your outfit and make up!

Lisa is actually selling her wedding dress here for any brides interested in a Candy Anthony design, worth checking out (size 8).


Lisa’s make-up looked picture perfect on the day, but definitely saw the reason and value in having a make-up trial, sometimes what you think may suit you for your wedding day may not actually work as she found out thanks to her make-up artist. “I have naturally curly hair so didn’t want to look too different to usual. I opted for a half-up, half-down look with soft waves and a bit of a beehive. If I could wear my hair like that every day, I would! With make-up, I wanted to stick to my usual look – dark eyes and red lips. During my make-up trial, Natasha my make-up artist tried to discourage me from this look, but gave it a go, and it looked dreadful! She pared it down a bit, gave me lightly smoky eyes and a nude lip, and it was perfect. I should have trusted her from the outset – she is the professional, after all!

One of the best things she did on the day was to prepare our skin with gorgeous-smelling masques and potions, and she even sent me off to have a lie-down with a peel-off masque which she said was primarily to chill me out, but my skin felt amazing for several days after the wedding and I think this was why.” Now that sounds like such a wonderful wedding morning treat, brides take note!


Ahhh the bridesmaid dress challenge! Lisa struggled to find the right dresses for the right budget but hit the jackpot with these gorgeous floral dresses which fitted the colour schemes perfectly! “I have to say the hardest part of the entire wedding planning was finding a bridesmaid dress, and my sympathy goes out to anyone who has this chore ahead of them! I had six bridesmaids, one of whom lives abroad, all of whom have very different styles and tastes – so I didn’t make it easy for myself. In the end, we found these gorgeous off-the-shoulder floral dresses from House of Fraser’s own line which were in the sale, I think they all looked stunning,

What I’m now extremely smug about is the fact that four out of six of the girls have worn their dresses again – and there’s till hope for the other two! As a bridesmaid present, I bought three of the girls some vintage earrings, and the other three a locket necklace each, tied with ribbon – all from Grey’s Mews in Bond Street, which is also where we bought our wedding rings – it’s a wonderful place to look around if you are into vintage and antiques.” 


The Town Hall Hotel was an ideal place to get married, as the council chamber has real gravitas and the hotel’s vintage decor is divine.

London venues are renwoned for finishing as early as 11pm due to being situated in residential areas with neighbours, but as it was important for them to carry on late into the night they chose a venue that gave them this flexibility. As a word of advice, if you want to go late, try venues in the city as they have less sound restrictions! “Initially we were disappointed with the lack of suitable venues available in London, on paper they would be perfect but then we’d notice a garish carpet, or see that the licence only went up to 11pm. Will then suggested the V&A Museum of Childhood, which we’d visited together before, we had a look, met the team and that was that!

We absolutely loved the black and white tiled floor and the high ceiling, and the team there are fantastic  They also allowed us to extend the license to 1am which is practically unheard of in London. ” 


The bride did a great job of sourcing lots of fun and personal details such as the colourful lanterns, and books which were bought and tailored to each guest for their favours, a time-consuming labour of love but lucky guests! “I love rainbow colours so was keen for the day to be as colourful as possible. I spent many happy hours browsing charity shops and car boot sales for pretty vintage books which we used as table centrepieces, arranged skillfully with fairy lights and bright flowers by my wonderful florist.

We bought a stamp online with the details of our wedding, and my mum kindly stamped each book for us the week before the wedding, and the books then turned into wedding favours. We tried to tailor each book to each guest, so a 1950s guide to speech-making for my barrister uncle, and so on. My bouquet was bright too, and I bought big, bright lanterns to hand from the mezzanine level of the museum – they make a lovely background to the photos I think. I am indebted to the museum’s very helpful staff who hung up the lanterns in the very small window of time between the musuem closing and us turning up, and one of them even lent me the bunting from her own wedding which was such a lovely touch!”


“We wanted Italian-style sharing platters to start with and a Spritz Aperol reception (the Spritz Aperol looks great in the photos and is my very favourite drink). The main was all quite Italian which Will and I loved (mind you, we were so nervous about speeches we barely tasted it – make the most of the tasting day when you have it as food was the last thing on our mind on the day).

The venue allowed us to bring in our own puddings, I have the sweetest tooth in London, so I wanted a whole spread of amazing cakes and puddings. Clerkenwell Green supplied ice cream and berries, and my lovely friends and family made an array of gorgeous cakes, which we set out with sweets, desert wine, cheese platters, and our official wedding cake made by my bridesmaid Rachel, complete with Kermit & Miss Piggy topper which I bought on Ebay from America. I was in heaven!”


“We asked our good friend Paul and two of Will’s cousins to play music in the ceremony – they played Be My Baby by the Ronettes as I walked in, then Dirty Old Town and Heart of Gold as we were signing the register – not a dry eye in the house!

Finding a wedding band was Will’s job and unfortunately we left it so late a lot of the best bands were already booked. We came across the Bears online and loved that their set-list included some quite obscure indie songs as well as the usual crowd pleasers. They were top lads and got everyone dancing. Will’s sister and cousin did a mini DJ-set when the band were on a break and they were fabulous too. We set up a photobooth with an Instax camera and loads of stupid props, so people could stick their photos in with a message into a guest book, and that gave us a good laugh when we saw it. Best of all, the museum allows guests to look around the exhibits which was magical after dark..

I loved Peachy Photography’s reportage-style photos and the fact she shoots on film, giving her photos a lovely soft, vintage feel.  I was particularly happy with the family shots, which were composed beautifully and took just minutes. I think everyone looks their best in the photos and I love how she has preserved all the little details on film.”


“The speeches are always my favourite part of a wedding, so we didn’t hold back. Will’s dad was MC and did several short but hilarious speeches throughout the night, my sister very touchingly introduced me, I spoke, Will did a speech, and then his cousin and best man did a joint speech (which involved getting us all up to do the Time Warp, among other highlights!).”

Thank you to both Lisa and Will and to Katherine at Peachey Photography for sharing the day with us.

  • Absolutely love the fact this is in good ole Bethnal green – so local love city weddings! Love the unplanned theme, colours and bridesmaids dress! Wishing you all the best with your married life!