odd one out

AISLE STYLE, Bridal Style

I spent the weekend trawling the high street for bridesmaid dresses for my friend’s wedding in December. It’s hard, I won’t lie. Trying to find a colour and style that suits 3 or so girls is actually not as easy as it looks. As one of these bridesmaids struggling, one idea is to dress us all differently. Patterns, different colour shades, styles and cuts so then they are all suited to the individual. Lots of inspiration out there of it being done and I think it works tres well. If it’s good enough for the girls in the Sex and the City film, then it’s good enough for us.


inside out

INSPIRATION, Design & Decor

I know this can’t really be done in the UK as we always need to have a plan B weather back-up BUT I still love the idea of dressing the reception as a lounge for guests to, well, lounge in. Love the ideas of sofas, chaise longues, huge framed pictures and coffee tables dressed with hotchpotch flowers. I reckon you could still do this in a space like a barn or a marquee to create a chilled and informal atmosphere. Scout ebay and freecycle or ask friends to borrow sofas/chairs and mix and match them for an eclectic and unique style. For more jaw dropping inspiration head on over to Style Me Pretty


so inviting


Amazing amazing amazing. Probably the coolest wedding invitation in the world. I can only dream of having a wedding invite like this land in my inbox. It’s a bit of a long clip but it is totally worth it.


my allies


I recently spotted the a tres chic and modern flower arrangement which contained what I would call huge purple pom poms. I now realise they are otherwise known as Allium. They vary in colour from pinks to purples to whites and blues. They have beautiful strong, long thick stems and as well as making gorgeous centrepieces, you could get your bridesmaids to hold a single stem with ribbon or raffia wrapped around it as a striking alternative to a bouquet. I will warn you though – these flowers are from the garlic family and do have a slight whiff of onion about them – but don’t let that put you off too much…