East Meets West Elegant Landmark London Wedding


Photography by Sarah Gawler

Cora and Michael had a wedding combining the traditions of the East and West at the Landmark London followed by an amazing Chinese Banquet reception, which customary to tradition, the bride wore a number of wedding dresses too!

East meets West Landmark Hotel London Wedding | Sarah Gawler Photography

I absolutely love the contrast of a grand and elegant traditional London ceremony at a luxury hotel with portraits of the couple nearby, with the relaxed reception at the couple’s favourite Chinese restaurant. I’m not surprised Cora couldn’t decide between her two wedding dresses, she looks just stunning in both and have to say, why not wear two?! In fact she did much more and went on to have 5 further outfit changes, including the incredible red traditional Chinese suit which I have to say might be my favourite. The hand embroidery and detail is just incredible and they really do ‘pop’ in the beautiful photography by Sarah Gawler (do check out her beautiful new website!).

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Made In London – Wedding Gift Guide


Compiled by London Bride

This post is really just to indulge my love of shopping, and in particular my love of shopping at small independent shops, makers and sellers – of which there are a plethora in London.

It’s that time of year where you may well be attending a wedding, or if you’re on the planning side, you may be looking to find some nice gifts for the wedding party or as thank you’s. I thought I’d round up some of my favourite items for a range of budgets that are either made in London or at least from independent sellers in London that I think would make great presents or gifts and are the most part, pretty gender neutral I’d say.

Made In London Wedding Gift Guide Compiled by London Bride

Now all you need to do is click on the link, buy and take all the credit. It’s OK, I won’t tell….

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A Tanner Warehouse Wedding + Self-Designed Dress

Aisle Style, WEDDINGS, Informal, Urban

Photography by Lisa Jane Photography

El and Darren had a cool, relaxed wedding at Tanner Warehouse in Bermondsey. A very stylish couple, with the bride designing her own wedding dress!

Tanner Warehouse Wedding London by Lisa Jane Photography

My first thought when I was blogging this wedding was, hmm a couple of those guests look a little bit familiar. Ever get that? Well, as it happens the bridesmaid and best man are in fact some friends I’ve met through the other half so whatdayaknow. Small world, and hi to Lucy & Sam if they’re reading this!

My second thought was wow, LOVE the bride’s dress – the neckline, silhouette and back detail are super striking and unusual, so I hurriedly skimmed my eyes through the credits in the submission form only to realise that in fact the bride designed it herself. SKILLS.

It’s no mean feat designing your own wedding dress I’m sure (not that I would know, but how on earth can you even start the process?) but bride El with her background in Fashion, did just that and what an amazing creation. High five to this super talented creative bride, and bridesmaid Lucy who designed their dresses too.

My third thought was, I love these photographs from Lisa Jane Photography. A lovely capture of a cool, relaxed London wedding, so I hope you do to…

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Unique & Alternative Wedding Rings & Jewellery by WeAreArrow

AISLE STYLE, Accessories, Bridal Style, Groom

Photography & Jewellery WeAreArrow

Beautifully unique, organic and handmade alternative wedding rings and jewellery by WEAREARROW for couples looking for something a little more unusual. 

We Are Arrow - Alternative Wedding Jewellery

Sometimes I realise I take for granted living in a city absolutely bursting with creative makers, talented crafters and unique designers that are just so inspiring. I stumbled upon WeAreArrow, a small jewellery brand with a studio in East London and well, I just had to share their alternative and unique wedding rings and jewellery.

When it comes to wedding jewellery I feel like more and more couples are opting to branch out from the stereotypical solitaire and plain wedding band and of course, why not?

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