Pretty Pastel Vintage Inspired Pub Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Photography by Joanna Brown

Eve and Tom had a pretty pastel sixties inspired wedding at Stoke Newington Town Hall and Prince Albert Pub. The bride Eve chose a gorgeous short dress from London boutique Fur Coat No Knickers.


Tom and Eve had a fun and relaxed pub wedding after their town hall ceremony in Stoke Newington. I love bride Eve’s slightly 60s style with her dashing groom and pretty maid all perfectly paired. They added some lovely fun touches such as pom poms, balloons and lights to the pub to ‘prettify’ their pub ‘knees up’.

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Knees up

For our wedding we knew straight away upon getting engaged we wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere for all our family and friends to enjoy a good ol’ knees up. A beautiful big manor house, hotel etc. really wasn’t ‘us’ and we wanted the day to feel true to what we like and how we are. That was our inspiration. I was anti ‘theme’ but in fact, without realising we had one, pastel colours with splashes of gold.

We knew early on we wanted to get married on a Saturday in London, we searched lots of the registry offices and settled on Stoke Newington Town Hall

We loved the Prince Albert pub since the first time spotted it on blogs and then visited, we knew straight away it was the one, the staff there (particularly Kasia) were fantastic and the food was amazing both at the tasting and on the day.

The couple had a little helping hand from their friends and family with a few of the details of the day such as the cake, the favours and even a handmade initial light!


Budget didn’t really allow us to go over the top with flowers, but we loved what we had and had actually always envisaged our table flowers being in jam jars etc. Sam from Violets and Velvet did an amazing job. Our favours were biscuits made by a friend, she is quite the perfectionist and no one would have known they were not made by a professional; Tom’s mum also made our cake (adorned in gold leaf which is no easy feat apparently), his dad handmade us a fairground initial light.

Tom is a designer so he created all our wedding stationery. I had a vision and Tom had to execute it! The process working together was super fun, he felt under quite a lot of pressure producing his own invites and stationery, but once we nailed the design everything else flowed. We made our own drinks coasters to scatter about the pub with our brand from the invites on. We also used the watercolour painting and logo for our guestbook and other signage.

The couple decorated the pub with paper pom poms, and as guests travelled from the ceremony to the reception they were issued with bespoke bus tickets for the red routemaster bus.


Eve suits her beautiful vintage style dress from the wonderful Fur Coat No Knickers boutique which was the first dress she tried on.

I could never see myself in a huge big long dress – I’m not sure why, it just didn’t feel me. I fell in love with ALL of the dresses at Fur Coat No Knickers, as well as Laura who took my 1st couple of appointments, my dress was more or less the first one I tried on, I loved it and loved the service Laura and Emma provided.

It’s not just about the brides having fun finding the outfit, Groom Tom really enjoyed finding and getting his bespoke suit made to measure!

Tom had his suit made by Adam Waite and it fitted perfectly, he enjoyed the designing aspect of it and felt great all day. The best man and usher wore their own suits.


For the bridesmaid dress I knew I didn’t want anything too traditional, I wanted my maid of honour to feel comfortable in what she was wearing, I found her Warehouse dress more or less straight away, the sugary pink shade was ideal and gold glittered shoes were a steal in the sale. I originally wanted to wear a gypsophila flower crown, but realised it wouldn’t really work with my dress as well as the hairstyle I’d chosen, so it was a last minute decision to have my bridesmaid in it instead, I LOVED her look and hope if I ever make a bridesmaid I’d get to wear something equally as cute.


Our photographer Joanna Brown was amazing. She got on so well with all of the guests, and when she wasn’t exchanging banter with cheeky groomsmen, people hardly noticed she was there, which is perfect for us. Getting our photo’s back was the best feeling, they were what we wanted and more, Jo captured our day beautifully and put together a very special slide show to boot.

Our DJ has a regular slot at the Prince Albert – he was great – we were quite specific with what we had played and he got it just right with a full dance floor all night.


Whilst most things had gone to plan for the couple in the lead up to the day, unfortunately there was a bit of a hitch with the honeymoon but luckily Eve managed to solve this!

I was pretty laid back and relaxed through the run up, but had a few things to contend with – for example our honeymoon being cancelled three days before the wedding…! I was SO glad I was organised and ready to go with over a week left so I could focus on finding a new honeymoon. Everything worked out perfectly in the end; it was just something we could have done without.


Some of my favourite moments were my dad walking me down the aisle with the music finally working (there was an issue with the sound system during the ceremony!) and seeing Tom when I got there! It was weird but lovely, and sitting beside Tom whilst he delivered an amazing speech.

The day flew by so quickly and it was so special. We both genuinely miss it and wish we could do it all over again!

Congratulations to the lovely Eve and Tom, a beautiful day and not surprised you want to do it all over again! Thanks also to the brilliant Joanna Brown for sharing her work.