stamp collecting

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Coming up to Christmas it feels like it’s all about the craft right now.  Making cards, christmas decorations and even a few little gifts so it seems I have been swept along by the recession friendly craft making trend. One of my most favourite craft item has to be stamps. And no, I’m not talking about the penny farthing (though obviously, they are pretty cool in their own right) I’m talking about craft stamps. Whether it’s names, monogramms, butterflies or birds there seems to be a stamp for every wedding need. Cox and Cox have a great selection, their Fabulous Box of stamps has lots of cute words and phrases for a myriad purposes.  Using thier alaphabet set in a rough ad-hoc kitsch way, stamp guests names for place settings. Go all out and stamp a monogram of your initals on invitation envelopes, or use fun and cute words like ‘merci’ for tags attached to favours of your choice.  Normally, the only stamp I would be associated with was with my foot, but not if I had these!