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Hackney Town Hall + Tab Centre Wedding For Childhood Sweethearts

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Photography by Claire Macintyre

A lovely story of fate bringing back childhood sweethearts Soula and Will together for their vintage 1920s inspired Hackney Town Hall and Tab Centre London wedding.

Hackney Wedding at Tab Centre Shoreditch by Claire Macintrye Photography

The story behind today’s lovely couple Will and Soula is certainly one to melt the hearts! They were childhood sweethearts in London when they were just 12 years old, though 20 years passed as she moved away but then then they just so happened to be brought back together when they discovered they were living just across the street to each other. Just over a year later and they were engaged to be married. Don’t you just love it how fate has a way sometimes…

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Stylish + Sparkly 1920s Inspired Stoke Newington Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired


It feels like I’m constantly posting pub weddings here on the blog, but you know what, no-one can argue that for a London Bride they aren’t a wise and popular choice! Just a stone’s throw from me, this lovely Stoke Newington wedding of Tory and Jon which had a nod to the styles of 1920s and I love the fun little touches and details that turn the pub into a glittering (bridesmaids included) pretty place for a celebration.

“Jon and I just wanted to have a day that was fun, relaxed and simple. Our families have known each other since before I was born, so the most important thing was to share our day with them, and our amazing friends, laughing, eating and having a great time. We didn’t spend too much time focusing on a specific look, but I guess it ended up being a bit of a twenties, vintage, pink and metallic Stokey affair!”

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0003 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0004 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0001Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0002

I think Tory manages to keep her style modern but with the beautiful decadence of the twenties in her made-to-measure vintage inspired dress from Hope and Harlequin in Brighton and just goes to show, never rule out something you think won’t necessarily suit you!

“I like to think my dress was meant to be! My engagement ring is vintage art deco, chosen by Jon in the Lanes in Brighton, and on a quick trip back there to get it resized, we were wandering around when I spotted Hope & Harlequin. Peering through the windows, I spied a gorgeous 20s-style dress hanging at the back of the shop, but thought the floaty twenties style would never suit me. Wonderful Sarah let me try a few on their made-to-measure range then and there, and every single one looked and felt gorgeous. Dressmaker Sarah is an absolute wizard and their made-to-measure dresses are so flattering and unique, I could have bought any one of them.

So after dragging my Mum and the maids hundreds of miles for a second trying on sesh, I went with the Clara ‘flapper style’ dress. The first one I had spotted!” Tory then kept her look consistent with her overall style with a 1920s faux bob hairstyle, vintage t-bar shoes and a beautiful headpiece from Coast.


I’m all for glittery sequin cladded bridesmaids, and these girls look amazing in their incredible flattering pink dresses which happened to also be a bit of a bargain! “The bridesmaids’ dresses were a lucky find in the French Connection sale. I wanted something that would stand out and that suited a fun London wedding, and these were so ridiculous sparkly they worked perfectly. The girls all sorted their own shoes and I bought them each a rose gold initial necklace to match. They all looked gorgeous!” 

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0007 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0008 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0009 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0010

“We’ve lived together in Stoke Newington for seven years, so it just felt right to have the wedding here. London has so many quirky, beautiful places to hold a wedding, and Stoke Newington Town Hall is a stunning venue, so that was a no-brainer. The Londesborough was super convenient, just five minutes’ walk away, and Amber runs the weddings like a well-oiled machine, so we knew we could just relax and enjoy the day… and eat their wonderful food!”

The beautiful black and gold invites featured a 1920s style design which were in keeping with the style of the day and were designed by a friend of the bride, Emma O’Neil. The ceremony was such a meaningful part of their day, with bride Tory walking down the aisle to Chet Baker (my all time favourite) This Is Always. Such a a beautiful song.

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0011 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0012 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0013 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0014 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0015 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0016 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0017

Let’s not forget ladies that men have to shop for their outfit too, and in this case, the Groom’s suit was harder work to find ‘the one’ than the brides! “After searching high and low for vintage, he struggled to find the right colour, size and quality he was after, so settled on this gorgeous sharp blue style from Suit Supply. He looked amazing, and his groomsmen, who just wore their own outfits all looked equally smart and unique.” I also love the pop of pink peonies in the groomsmen’s buttonholes!

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0018 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0020 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0029Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0027Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0030Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0039

It’s always lovely to hear when a bride has found their suppliers for their day via London Bride, and the very talented Laura from LM Weddings was who Tory stumbled across. “I hunted high and low for photographers, but as soon as I saw Laura’s work on London Bride, I knew she was the one. Her work is different to everyone else’s – she captures couples and guests looking genuinely happy, and I wanted to make sure our pics showed a fun, loved-up day with a party atmosphere, not a styled-out shoot. She did wonders with the little time we allocated to photos and two very uncomfortable subjects. Thank you Laura, you’re a star! A testament to Laura’s work, incredible photos and the portraits especially without a hint of uncomfortable in sight!


Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0032 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0024 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0038Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0023Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0022Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0041Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0033 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0036 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0035Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0042Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0043

The amazing towering cake above was made by Tory’s bridesmaid, Lucie and Tory handmade the tassel garlands that were strung from the ceiling to add some fun to the pub. They followed some incredibly heartfelt speeches with their first dance to Love Letters by Elvis Presley and danced the night away.

“We focused our budget on a really great photographer rather plus a photobooth, I chose my perfect dress and found a budget headpiece. You genuinely won’t regret keeping it simple, as long as you do what you actually want rather than thinking about what other people have had.”

Congratulations to Tory and Jon on a wonderful and beautiful day, from a fellow Stokey person!

Credits: Photography: LM Weddings / Bridal Prep: The Rose & Crown / Ceremony: Stoke Newington Town Hall / Reception: The Londesborough / Bride’s Dress: Hope and Harlequin / Bridesmaids Dresses: French Connection / Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply  / Hair Styling: Claire Grech / Make Up: Roberta Kearsey / Flowers: Evergreen & Outrageous / Cake: Lucie (Bridesmaid) / Invitations: Emma O’Neil


Ellie + Alex – An Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Back in June this year [my, how far away does it seem already!] Ellie and Alex had a beautiful Art Deco inspired Stoke Newington wedding – a day that came together perfectly and was everything that they wanted – a wonderful day of celebrations with their friends and family in London.

You may notice that lovely grainy element to the photographs, because this wedding was shot entirely on film by Katherine at Peachey Photography . It’s so refreshing to see film photography at weddings, and Katherine has captured the day beautifully.

A few wise words from the bride, Ellie: “I just want to start this by saying that when Alex and I first got engaged and started thinking about our wedding, we really hadn’t the first clue about what it was we wanted. We had no dream wedding in mind. We hadn’t spotted a dream venue. I hadn’t pictured my dream dress. All we knew was that we wanted to keep things a manageable size and for everyone to be able to relax and have a good time. And that we wanted our wedding to be in London. Keeping these things in mind helped us to plan what really was the best day ever without either of us losing our minds!”

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography Jenny Packham Esme Dress / Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

Ellie looks every inch a Hollywood film star in her beautiful beaded “Esme” Jenny Packham fitted gown, and seemed to tie in so perfectly with all the other elements of the day.

“When it came to the dress, it was a case of knowing what I didn’t want rather than knowing what I did: nothing strapless, nothing too big or poufy, and nothing that would make me feel like I couldn’t eat or move around.

The dress hunt ultimately led me to Jenny Packham and to the Esme; a completely beaded dress that felt very 1930s Hollywood. I hadn’t expected to go for something quite so vintage in feel, but with the Art Deco style of the Stoke Newington Town Hall, it seemed to make sense. My veil, belt and hair comb all came from Jenny Packham in the end as well, as my Mum and I were completely seduced by all the beautiful trinkets in the Boudoir. My shoes were custom made by Emmy shoes in Islington (another shop full of beautiful, twinkly little things) and I chose to embellish them with Art Deco-style fans so that they coordinated with the rest of my look.

When it came to our hair and make-up, we went all out on the morning of the wedding and had the award-winning Kristina Gasperas do our make-up and the delightful Caroline from Brooks & Brooks take charge of hair. We were looking for the right balance of ‘of the era’ and ‘radiant and natural’ and they both did a fantastic job of meeting that brief.” 

I really love Ellie’s choice of stylish and elegant “Taya” Ghost satin and lace bridesmaid dresses, they have a great collection and the designs are really flattering – the girls look beautiful in them. “With the venue and the dress being of the same era, everything else then started falling into place. I wanted my bridesmaids’ gowns to be of a similar style to my own, but finding Art Deco-style dresses proved something of a challenge. I got a tip from a vintage wedding dress specialist to look in Ghost at their dye-to-order dresses. My bridesmaids were elated when they tried on the navy Taya style, particularly given that they had been convinced they wouldn’t find a dress that would suit them both, and they paired their dresses with some coral shoes from Monsoon, adding a splash of colour to their outfits.

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

“Choosing a venue for the ceremony was quite straightforward. We decided quickly that we wanted a civil ceremony and we knew that we wanted to do it near to where we lived. We knew that the Council Chamber at Stoke Newington Town Hall was a beautiful space, so we got ourselves booked in.”

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyEllie_Alex_KatherinePeachey_LB_0032 Ellie_Alex_KatherinePeachey_LB_0033 Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

“Music was such a big part of the day for us and we put a lot of thought into what we wanted for the ceremony and for the reception. In fact, it was the thing we probably obsessed over most. 

For the ceremony, I had become fixated on the idea of a string quartet playing arrangements of our favourite contemporary songs, but even with a lot of googling, I found most string quartets in London had quite limited repertoires. Then I came across Vitamin String Quartet who are based out in LA but who have recorded string versions of nearly every contemporary pop/indie/rock/hip hop song you can imagine, and they have special wedding collections available on iTunes and Spotify. I picked a handful of their tracks to play while guests were taking their seats, and their arrangement of Pixies Here Comes Your Man as the song I walked down the aisle to.” 

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

“When it came to finding a venue for the reception, things were a little trickier. We looked at a number of venues but found so many to be a bit formal. We wanted everyone to feel relaxed and that they could just enjoy themselves, with good food, good booze and good music. That’s when I wondered about The Londesborough, which was one of our favourite pubs in Stokey. After a bit of browsing through photos of other people’s Londesborough weddings, we realised that it would be just right for what we wanted, and that we’d be able to dress it up to make it feel a bit more special on the day.”

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

“In the course of my wedding planning, people often asked me what my colour scheme was and whether I had a theme for my wedding. I had neither. But I had pictures and moodboards of things I liked (thank God for Pinterest) and things were evolving to take on a 1930s, Art Deco, “Hollywood Glamour-ish” feel. This informed the design of our invitations and wedding stationery, and we enlisted Leah at Golden Apple Designs to create a bespoke look for these.  

We were in the capable hands of Mairead at Rebel Rebel when it came to the flowers. We opted for lots of little cut-glass vases of flowers on each of the tables, plus a couple of bigger centrepieces for the ceremony (which two friends gallantly carried from the town hall to the pub for the reception).”

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyEllie_Alex_KatherinePeachey_LB_0022Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

I’m pretty certain the above cake table and sweet treats caught your eye, well they did mine! Such delicious looking macarons by Anges de Sucre and a very pretty cake by Fancy Nancy – I love the colours and it’s a great way of adding a ‘decorative’ feature to a pub wedding.

Not satisfied with having just wedding cake, we drew inspiration from the States and decided to go all out on the sweet things, laying on a spread of macarons, mini cakes, cake pops, cookies, chocolates and sweeties that people could pick at during the evening and fill their favour bags with when they decided to leave. I remember seeing everything laid out and thinking how pretty it all looked and how I would make sure I had a couple of macarons later. Except when I returned to the table later, nearly everything was gone.

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey PhotographyArt Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

Neither Al nor I are from London originally, but it being the city we now call home, we decided we wanted to get married here. It meant our families had to travel down, but it was great being able to host them for the weekend. And of course most of our friends were delighted: they didn’t have to travel very far and they were able to stagger home at the end of the night.

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

“For the wedding breakfast, we put together a playlist of all of our favourite albums and had this playing in the background as we ate. We then enlisted the skills of Nicky from The Wedding Smashers for the rest of the celebrations to play us soul, funk, disco, electro and pop hits from every decade from the 60s onwards. I didn’t sit down once all night! “

Art Deco Stoke Newington Wedding by Peachey Photography

Katharine Peachey from Peachey Photography was there to capture every moment, and we really couldn’t have been in better hands on the day. I had scoured wedding blogs to find a photographer I liked, and couldn’t find anyone who captured people looking relaxed and happy quite as well as Katherine does. I’m pretty sure she didn’t take a single bad picture, and she shot everything on film, which makes her doubly amazing in my book.” …..And mine too Ellie!

Thank you to the gorgeous Ellie and Alex for sharing their lovely relaxed day and to Kathryn for her wonderful photography.

Photography: Peachey Photography / Ceremony: Stoke Newington Town Hall / Reception: The Londesborough Pub / Bride’s Dress: Jenny Packham / Bridesmaids Dresses: Ghost / Groom’s Outfit: Gieves & Hawkes / Bride’s Hair: Caroline at Brooks & Brooks / Bride’s Make Up: Kristina Gasperas / Flowers: Rebel Rebel / Cake: Fancy Nancy / Macarons: Anges de Sucre / Stationery: Golden Apple Designs / DJ: Wedding Smashers 

A Stylish London Elopement


Whilst it’s fairly common for weddings on these pages to be full of couples alongside their guests, enjoying a leisurely meal followed by an evening of dancing, that kind of wedding isn’t for everyone or in fact may not always be feasible.  It’s the old romantic in me that is thrilled that there is the occasion where there is simply a couple, looking to confirm their love with each other in an intimate and low key celebration. Anna and Evgeny did just that with this stylish London elopement, and I have to suggest, it may be tempting – after all there’s no guest list to agonise over, no family pushing you into traditions, and no huge bill to foot – just a sweet and simple ‘I do’ is sometimes all it takes…

Beautiful photography by Dasha Caffrey.

A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography

With just 4 days to the wedding, Anna took a visit to her local florist, which luckily was the fabulous Wild At Heart in Westbourne Grove and spotted some white peonies. They matched the simple palette of the wedding perfectly, “At the beginning I wanted Lilly of the Valley, but then I realised it would be very difficult to get them on the such a short notice. With just 4 days left until my wedding and I didn’t have time to run around to look at lots of flowers. So I went to my local florist Wild at Heart in Westbourne Grove and I saw white peonies. My grandmother use to grow peonies in her garden and it reminded me of my childhood. The smell was divine and I asked straight away for a bouquet to be delivered to our hotel.” 

Anna took inspiration from wedding blogs and decided to include the sweet ‘I Do’ stickers on the sole of her weddings shoes. They also indulged in her favourite chocolates Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, sharing them amongst her friends on the special day.

A few weeks before our wedding I came across the “Don’t for wives” and “Don’t for husbands” books.  Great little books, we had a great laugh reading it. Despite being from 1913 it is reminded us that things aren’t so different now than 100 years ago.”

A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography

The joy of only have you to think about during the planning is you can afford to be a little more lavish with your plans, and rightly so, Anna and Evgeny combined their celebrations and honeymoon at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge.

“We wanted to find a place where we could escape the ‘busy’ London, have time for ourselves and have little honeymoon after the wedding. We were looking at traditional London hotels in art deco style. The Berkeley and Claridges were on the top of our list. At the end The Berkeley Hotel won by one big point that we couldn’t miss – Rooftop Swimming pool. We wanted to get married in London and have some photos of London, the city where we found each other. So we just hopped around the city taking black cabs whenever we wanted to take a few photos in a particular location.”

A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography

Whilst they spent a year planning a big traditional wedding in Hereford, during this time Anna and Evgeny’s goals and priorities changed. “Evgeny started his own business and one of the things we chose to sacrifice was our wedding. It wasn’t an easy decision for us but we felt it was the right one. Building a successful company requires a significant effort, not only from the founder but also from his family. At the beginning, we thought to postpone our wedding for a couple of years, but then we realised that we just want to marry each other and continue living a happy life. So we went to Marylebone Town Hall and got married.” 

How simple is that? I can also vouch for the business thing taking priority, both myself and ‘Mr London Bride’ have embarked on our own businesses in the last two years, hence the very-long-beginning-to-think-it-may-not-happen engagement!

A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography

Despite falling sick the day of the wedding, Anna and Evgeny made the most of the day and you wouldn’t know it from their beautiful photos! “I’ll be honest, the whole day flew by in 5 seconds. My husband and I woke up with a terrible cold and all we wanted to do was stay in bed. I was thinking that we spent lots of time planning to get married and everything was supposed to be under control but there I was sick in bed unable to control anything! I remember my friend kept saying through the day “The worse the wedding, the better the marriage” It still makes me smile.” 

A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography

Although this is a fairly simple, low-key wedding, it is definitely still oozing with style. No surprises then that the bride Anna works in the fashion industry and had her own stylist on-hand to help with the dress hunt. “I am fortunate enough to work in fashion industry and I have a few stylists in my team. As soon as I mentioned that I need a dress for an intimate wedding, we knew we should check out BCBG Max Azria. My colleagues know me and my style quite well, so we checked out the website and in a matter of few seconds we all knew that this was my dress!

I always knew that I want my wedding shoes to be from Badgley Mischka. Their evening  shoes designs are the best on the market. So I knew where I was going to get my shoes from the start.”

I am in love with 1920s era and the art deco style. We had only one month to plan everything, but it was very easy as I knew exactly what I want. I did some projects at university using 1920s style, so it was very easy for me to find everything. Also The Great Gatsby film that just came out, was very inspiring, as well as the story!

Anna teamed her beautiful Avi BCBG Max Azria gown with a vintage 1920s clutch which I think is the perfect addition to her stunning engagement ring, “I usually shop online: this is how I find all the unique pieces and this is how I came across my clutch. It was pure coincidence. I really like it because it’s so 1920s.”

A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey PhotographyA Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography A Stylish London Elopement by Dasha Caffrey Photography

Planning Tips From Anna…

“Read the wedding blogs! Scroll through tonnes of real weddings photos. Create different boards on Pinterest for your florist, photographer and baker and save your pictures. It gives them idea about your style and personality and it would be easier for them to understand what you want.

And leave yourself lots of time to get ready. If it’s all a bit of rush you won’t have time to savour every special moment.”

Huge thanks to Anna and Evgeny for sharing their very intimate wedding and to Dasha for her beautiful photography.

Photography: Dasha Caffrey / Getting Ready: The Berkeley Hotel / Ceremony: The Old Marylebone Town Hall [now closed for refurbishment] / Bride’s Dress: BCBG Max Azria for UK stockists visit here / Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Bridesmaid: Damsel In A Dress / Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss / Hair: Christian at Dappa Hair / Make Up: Neringa Sutkute / Flowers: Wild At Heart 

Nina + Joe – Pastel Pretty Hampton Court House Wedding



Nina and Joe were married on 27th July last year, at the picturesque Hampton Court House which overlooks the beautiful landscape of Bushy Park. They had an elegant day but with a lovely relaxed style running through, from the beautiful florals to the beautiful creamy photography by Cotton Candy. Nina’s stunning Jenny Packham gown looks incredibly glamorous but I think the couple just radiate that relaxed happiness of a wonderful occasion surrounded by all your friends and family and a little bit of sunshine.

CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0001 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0002

I love the shot above as it echoes the lovely 20s glamour feel to the dress with the art deco mirror, “Finding the dress was the most exciting bit for me and it is quite daunting as there were so many styles you can go for. I decided early on that I’d like to have a silk satin dress rather than lace and wanted something that reflected me and my style. I’m quite petite so a big bridal dress was going to drown me! My dream designer dress would be Jenny Packham  but I thought this would be out of my budget. I went to a couple of boutique bridal shops and loved the range at Miss Bush Bridal Wear. I went with my best friend Fran and the first dress I picked up I knew I wanted – it was a Jenny Packham and within my price range – yey! I loved it a s soon as I put it on and it made me feel so glamorous.”

CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0003 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0004 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0005CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0007CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0008CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0009CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0010CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0011CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0006CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0013CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0012 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0014CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0016CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0015 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0017CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0020CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0018CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0019 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0021 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0022

“We wanted the setting to be a Georgian building which we found in Hampton Court House. There was no particular theme but we wanted a vintage era type feel to everything to go with the stylish, shabby chic venue. Colours were of a peach pastel pallet. We wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere for the guests and ourselves so it didn’t feel too formal but romantic & fun!” I’d say judging by the photo below that Nina was definitely having fun – so happy!

CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0023CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0026CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0024 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0028CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0027CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0025 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0029 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0030CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0032CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0031 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0033 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0034 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0035 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0036 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0047

“We chose the photographers Cotton Candy who we found online. They took less staged photos with a lovely feel to them and we couldn’t have been happier with the photos. They captured the day perfectly and gave us a set of amazing photos we will have forever.”  I love how the ladies from Cotton Candy also use their vintage cameras to capture really unique shots like this too!

The bridesmaids wore beautiful beaded detail dresses from Monsoon, which work really well with Nina’s Jenny Packham gown.


“We chose a pastel shade for the flowers by Fairynuff Flowers and this was shown in the bouquets also. The main flower’s were roses and hydrangeas which we had in silver buckets on the tables. My aunt also generously grew a load of sweet peas which we dotted about in jars throughout the venue. A great addition was the 6 meter tall silver birch trees we had in the dining hall.”

The trees certainly add glamour and drama – they also act as a great focal point for the top table during the meal.


“Our wedding breakfast was Italian themed with a selection of cold meats, olives and cheese for starter – this was served on handmade wooden boards thanks to Joes’ dad Tony. The main was fillet steak and the dessert a classic Eton  mess. We chase to have Prosecco instead of Champagne as both prefer this and enjoy drinking it! There was a mojito bar set up by two of the ushers in the evening – which went down well”


“The date of our wedding was also the Opening of the Olympics & the first event was the road race which was coming through Hampton Court the day after our wedding! The  roads were being closed in the early hours of the morning so we had to ensure all our guests could get home on the night & the next  day. Plus we had to leave our hired furniture in the venue until Monday and luckily they agreed to us doing this & were really helpful!”

CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0042 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0043 CottonCandyHamptonCtHouse_0044

The conservatory area was transformed with pretty lights into a dancefloor – so nice how the evening was still light as people began to dance! “We had an amazing band the ‘Milestones’ who played soul , funk music and  then we had our ipod in-between sets for some classics – everyone got up to dance to something which was brilliant.”

And you have to love a photo booth! The girls from Cotton Candy offer this as an addition to your package, a very worthwhile addition if you ask me and I love the silver backdrop!


Q: What music did you walk down the aisle to? A: The intro to the song ‘Old Pine’ by Ben Howard

Q: Do you have any planning advice for other brides? A: Have a budget plan and try to keep things simple, don’t over think all the details!

Q: What was the most special or memorable moment of the day? A: When I was just about to walk down the aisle & then walking down the aisle!

Q: What was your first dance song? A: Sam Cooke – ‘Nothing Can Change this Love’


Congratulations to the lovely couple Joe and Nina and their beautiful day! Thanks to Gem and Philippa from Cotton Candy weddings for sharing this gorgeous wedding.


Photography: Cotton Candy / Venue: Hampton Court House / Wedding Dress: Miss Bush Bridal Wear / Bridesmaids: Monsoon / Hair + Make Up: Ashleigh Haines / Florist: Fairynuff Flowers  Catering: Acclaim Food / Cake: M&S / Trees: Creepers Landscapes