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Hello To The New London Bride


After much blood sweat and tears (lots), the big reveal is finally here! 

hello london brideIt’s here, the all new London Bride blog.  I feel like I’ve been talking about this for years and then I realise…. Oh. I actually have. The re-brand started way back in September 2012, three whole years ago when I knew I wanted to change the design of the blog and fell for the charms of Erin Hung,  a talented hand lettering artist and owner of BerinMade. Erin’s style was the perfect fit for the London Bride brand with it’s stylish, modern and fun feel, so she was commissioned to hand-letter the logo you see before you, it’s been hard hiding it away for 3 years (unless you’ve been a lucky recipient of a LB business card in which case you’ll have seen it some time ago!) so I’m very happy to let it finally shine.

And then…well, I got busy.

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