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Etsy Wedding Sellers Pop Up at West Elm

This coming February sees sellers popping up at West Elm, Tottenham Court Road.

10 ​Etsy makers will be selling their wedding wares at the pop-up marketplace over the weekend in February 2017, launching on Friday 17th through to Sunday 19th. ​It will be the perfect opportunity to pick up a selection of wedding items from our wonderful makers, as Etsy is of course the place to buy beautifully designed and handmade pieces.

Whether you are looking for personalised presents, beautiful headpieces or wedding stationery, this pop-up will inspire any bride-to-be. There will be a variety of workshops across the weekend to get creative with any wedding prep you may have! More information on workshops and specific sellers can be found here.



Now in its fourth season, Brides The Show, the UK’s leading luxury bridal show, returns to London in October with a stellar line up of content unrivalled by any other wedding event.

At its core is a curated edit of more than 130 industry experts, including a line-up of leading bridal designers, florists, photographers, cake-makers, honeymoon experts and caterers.

Visitors can expect the freshest ideas, the highest quality craftsmanship and the very latest trends all overseen by journalists and stylists behind Brides, the UK’s number one best-selling quality bridal magazine.


Brides The Show London 2015 Brides The Show London 2015 Brides The Show London 2015 Brides The Show London 2015 Brides The Show London 2015 Brides The Show London 2015

Joining the line-up of British and international designers this year will be Amanda Wakeley, Halfpenny London, Catherine Deane, Ian Stuart, Stephanie Allin, Sassi Holford, Naomi Neoh, Charlie Brear and Suzanne Neville. Five daily catwalk shows will deliver more incredible dresses than any other year. 

Brides The Show is also delighted to announce an exclusive collaboration with A-list designer Jenny Packham. Attending the event on the Friday preview evening, Jenny will showcase her 2016 NY Bridal Week catwalk show, including a recreation of her gorgeous A Midsummer Night’s Dream set. This one-off catwalk show will also feature a selection of designs that have been created by Jenny exclusively for Brides The Show – dresses that have never been seen in public before.


Handmade Wedding – The Etsy Wedding Fair London – 16th + 17th May

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Event The Etsy Wedding Fair

For those looking to add unique details and handcrafted items to their wedding, the Etsy Wedding Fair on May 16th – 17th in London is not to be missed! 

Etsy Wedding Fair London - May 2015

I imagine that many of you planning your wedding right now would put both hands in the air if I asked if you’ve been on Etsy to find something for your big day. Am I right? It’s the first place to go to if you need home-made, hand-crafted, unique and personal details, decorations or designs to incorporate into your wedding.


It’s really quite amazing what you can source through Etsy, and for that reason it’s a resource I use (for wedding clients, styling and personal!) all the time. So I’m very excited to share details of the upcoming The Etsy Wedding Fair this Spring, as it’s somewhere you’ll be able to be inspired in person, to meet the crafters, and to see the products in real-life, along with lots of other fun treats!

London Bride has a ticket giveaway for 10 pairs of tickets to the event, so make sure you see the details at the end of the post to be in with a chance of winning!

Etsy Wedding Fair London - May 2015
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BHLDN + Catherine Deane London Trunk Show UK

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A short but sweet post today as I myself am pretty excited to hear that BHLDN are coming this side of the pond to the UK, and to London for the first time! If you are a fan of their beautiful romantic style bridal gowns but were wary about ordering online then worry no more…

BHLDN and London designer Catherine Deane will be holding their first UK trunk show at the Kings Road Anthropologie store with the new collection. At the time of writing this post there were appointments in late Feb and through March (so, basically hurry!).

BHLDN are renowned for their beautiful designs which are feminine, intricate but with a more modern twist.

The collection is by London based designer Catherine Deane, whom’s designs use traditional techniques with a modern twist of simplicity with everything design there is always a balance of textile and craft, strength and fragility and old meeting new. The exceptionally crafted designs are wearable, feminine and unique. 

Born in Ireland, raised and educated in South Africa, and based out of London, Catherine Deane’s designs are culled from her nomadic lifestyle and her passion for long forgotten craft techniques. She established her women’s wear label in London in 2005, employing traditional techniques with a modernist twist of simplicity.

Traditional techniques with a modernist twist of simplicity form the foundation of Catherine’s work and are fuelled by the continual search for new methods from around the World.

Here is a quick look at some of my favourites from the collection, I do love the intricate details, especially the incredible sheer backs on some of these gowns which give the most beautiful femininity to them. This one below, The Zoe particularly gets my vote! You can see the full range of styles available here.







For further information on the UK trunk show and to book an appointment visit the BHLDN website here.

V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London + London Bride on TV!


V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London

Today I wanted to get around to finally sharing the fantastic V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition with you AND as an added bonus there’s a little bit of me on screen too [yikes].

The exhibition at the V&A, one of the most inspiring cultural spots in London, began earlier this year and will run through to March 2015 and is a fascinating and unique insight into the history of wedding dresses from 1775 through to current day.

V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London

As well as being able to see dresses from centuries ago, the exhibition highlights the history behind the dresses, and very interestingly how the economic and cultures of the time influenced the fashion.

In the exhibition there are over 80 wedding dresses by leading designers such as Ian Stuart, Jenny Packham, Vera Wang, Bruce Oldfield as well as millinerry from Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones.

that are historic, romantic and extravagant – revealing insights into the wearers and their circumstances. There are a number of celebrity dresses too including the infamous purple Vivienne Westwood dress worn by Dita Von Teese when she married Marilyn Manson and of course, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince’s stunning wedding day outfits from their day back in 2011 which was stunning to see up close, see some of my images below – the detail on her John Galliano designed dress was just stunning.

V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition LondonV&A Wedding Dress Exhibition LondonV&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London

Anyone with an interest in fashion [or of course weddings] will be fascinated to see in one collection the change in bridal trends from historical gold embroidered dresses, to silk bias cut gowns of the 40s to the practical ‘DIY’ gowns [one made from curtains!] that emerged during the Second World War and how society and economic times depicted these.

Here are a few looks at the exhibition, though the gowns really are worth seeing up close in person. I seem to, as always, be drawn to sparkle, bows and glamour…

V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition LondonV&A Wedding Dress Exhibition LondonV&A Wedding Dress Exhibition LondonV&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition LondonV&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition London

When I was invited to the press event for the exhibition I was interviewed by a few media channels, including DW, for their piece on the V&A wedding dress exhibition which is broadcast internationally as part of their popular lifestyle channel Euromaxx. I try not to think how many 1000’s of people around the world may have seen my mug, scary thought.

So if you click on the image below it will take you to watch the video, you can see my little bit at 2 minutes 45 seconds in [though do watch the interview with Edwina Ehrman, the curator for her fascinating insight]. Having worked in TV and film previously I should add that I am very much used to being behind the camera so please excuse my pretty awful interview ability. I appear not to be able to speak English, but hopefully you get the gist of what I mean?!


DW TV - London Bride InterviewHuge thanks to Kate Halfpenny for letting us loose in her beautiful wedding dress boutique and to her assistant Izie who was incredibly patient with us!


The V&A is open daily 10:00 – 17:45 and late nights until 22:00 on Friday. Tickets are £12 [concessions available].

To book tickets to the show or for further information on the exhibition please visit the V&A website here.

Sample It – Top Tips On Bridal Sample Sales From Miss Bush Bridal

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Emma Case for Designer Vintage Bridal Show

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a bride out there who hasn’t considered a sample sale, or in fact actually attended one in the hope to find their ‘dream dress at a bargain price’. I’ve been to my fair share of them with friends and clients – some with success some not so much. As attractive as they can seem, there are of course pros and cons so I asked the Queen of bridal boutiques, Emma Meek – owner of the brilliant Miss Bush Bridalwear for some tips and what to be aware of when you are considering getting a dress through a sample sale. I highly recommend a read given it’s sample season – this woman seriously knows her stuff…

Brits love a sale. Is this, unseemly bargain grabbing the best way to buy a wedding dress though? Possibly not – this is not a £50 top; this is a dress that, according to the great Oscar de la Renta, “will live for generations in photographs.” In these straightened times however if we want to be able to afford to have the children to admire our wedding photos, we may have to be prudent with our wedding budget. Sample sales are a brilliant way of stretching your budget and arguably getting more dress for your money. There are, though, some serious pros and cons to be considered before you elect this route of wedding dress shopping.

Caro Hutchings Photography


Without wanting to sound patronising samples are ‘sample sized’ so regardless of whether the samples are a size 6 or 16 this means they will expect you to be a maximum height of 5’10” in heels. It is likely that if you are smaller than 5’ 2” or taller than 5’ 10” the bust, waist and hips will never sit in the right place. Do not believe anyone that tells you differently.

Most wedding dress samples do not cater for a bust cup size bigger than a DD – so if you’re a busty girl [like myself] a sample sale will be disheartening.

Dresses are never successfully let out – never buy with the intention of slimming into a dress with this as a back up plan. Similarly a size 16 dress taken down to a size 8 will never look like buying the size 8 dress would have done.


Make sure the shop is clear about the condition of the dress, to protect both consumer and retailer it is a legal obligation to list faults (such as shop soiling, tears etc) and specify reasons for the discounted price.

Some fabrics and dresses are easier to clean than others, and more importantly some dry cleaners are far superior than others. In an ideal world your retailer will sell you a sample dress on a full service basis. At Miss Bush the sale price of a dress includes a specialist dry clean and any remedial work. In a nutshell this means the dress is put back to pristine condition – any missing buttons or worn loops are replaced, beads are found then repatriated, lace is skillfully hand worked and embroidered seamlessly. If your chosen retailer is not offering this service you have to work out the cost of these individual elements and the ease of sourcing specialists to undertake the work.

Fabrics that do not respond well to dry cleaning if they are heavily shop soiled are organza and tulle as they have a tendency to ‘grey’ on the shop floor and are hard to make look pristine again. Heavily beaded dresses such as Jenny Packham should not be entrusted to local dry cleaners. They often do not use the right chemicals and can melt beads and ruin their finish [editors note – I have sadly heard this happen all to often, brides choose wisely!]. Specialist cleaners such as Upstage in Holloway [0207 6099119] handle them brilliantly but expect to pay £200 plus for their services.

Caro Hutchings Photography


Miss Bush is fairly unusual in that there is a fully staffed workroom to undertake all manner of fittings and alterations including those on our sample sale dresses. If you buy a sample dress from any shop, altering the dress to make it fit you will not be included in the price. Get an estimate from the shop if they are offering the service. If you are based in London/South East – I would budget £200 – £300 for alterations. It will be a pleasant surprise if you pay less but you must factor this into the ‘bargain’ nature of the dress.


A great benefit, but not an obvious one, is storage. When you have bagged a bargain it is much easier for the shop to hold it until you are ready for fittings. If you have to take it away [which is quite often the case] consider where you hide it and how safe it will be. I have had one case of a bride storing a sale dress at a friend’s flat who then subsequently showed all their mutual friends on a drunken girly night in, naughty!


Shops have no legal obligation to refund sale goods. If you buy something in a heady rush know that you can only get store credit or an exchange if you change your mind. Wedding dress shop owners are a kindly bunch but please be aware being a bride does not exempt you from the law.

Caro Hutchings Photography


As with all sales the big names are what brides are looking for – Maggie Sottero. Jenny Packham, Suzanne Neville. If you are on a serious budget and would like to re sell your dress after you wear it these are the names that will hold their value. Make sure you are buying current or previous season and if you are unsentimental, get the dress straight back on the market after you have worn it.


Hotel sales – usually from big chains that have warehouses full of very old and dated dresses. Silk dresses more than a season or two old as the fabric will be starting to perish. Very tatty dresses – I have seen examples of dresses bought by brides with a very famous label that were only fit for recycling. Take a tough mate to talk you out of purchases like this!


Oddly these are not the dresses you will necessarily find in a sale. These sample dresses will usually be so ‘used’ in the shop that retailers cannot bear to be without them or they are in such poor condition that no shop with scruples would sell them.


Quirky one off pieces – limited repeat order potential but bought to make style junky owners like me feel happy.

Really expensive dresses – if I, or anyone else in my position, has bought or made a dress for the shop that has not sat at the right price point for that season they swiftly go into the sale.

‘End of relationship’ dresses – relations between shop and designer/manufacturer can sometimes be an unhappy affair. Designers or manufacturers that promise much and continually fail to meet expected standards of delivery or simply that shop owners fall out of love with makes for great sample bargains.


At Miss Bush selling sample dresses is an essential part of our business and we offer the same service as with ordering a new dress. Not all shops do this. Sometimes it’s purely practical reasons such as lack of space or lack of in house alterations team. However, if there appears to be lack of after sales care then I would suggest brides think carefully about all the issues that may make the dress’s progress from shop to aisle difficult and stressful and maybe, possibly not worth the saving.

Well I for one have certainly learnt a thing or two, and hope it’s been a useful read. I’d love to hear from brides past and present with any experiences at sample sales. I could certainly share a shocking tale or two but alas, this is a professional (ish) blog so will keep those stories to myself [for now anyway!].

If you are considering looking for your dress, here are a few handy London [and surrounding areas] bridal sample sales you may want to put in your diary!
Miss Bush Bridalwear / On now for up to a month! /

Jenny Packham / Thursday 21st June 8am-8pm / 3A Carlos Place, London W1 /

David Fielden / Starts 30th June / 241 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HY /

Stephanie Allin / 23rd & 24th June / 17 Chilstern Street, London W1U 7PQ /

Alan Hannah / 16th June / 18 Riverwalk Business Pk Enfileld, EN3 7QN /