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Colourful Spring Geometric Wedding in Islington

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Photography by Lovestruck PhotographyWedding Co-ordination London Bride

Leonie & Nick had a colourful Spring wedding in Islington, co-ordinated by London Bride with blooms bursting from terrariums, an a capella choir, coloured wedding dress and lots of eclectic decor. 

Colourful Geometric Spring Islington London Wedding by Lovestruck Photo | Co-ordination by London Bride

I’m so excited to share today’s wedding of Leonie and Nick. This was a gorgeous Spring wedding from earlier this year that was co-ordinated by London Bride! So, you know the drill – any weddings by us tend to be a little long in length as it’s so hard to edit them down! I’ll be honest also in that Leonie and Nick are ridiculously photogenic that there were just too many beautiful photos from Lovestruck Photography to choose from, so excuse the rather lengthy post!

Leonie and Nick added so much fun, character and colour to their relaxed Islington pub wedding, with lots of personal details; many combined with efforts of some very talented and kind friends, it just shows you can transform any space and I really loved seeing so much colour! I worked with them in the lead up to the day and it was lovely to style and set up all their personal decorative touches along with the incredible flowers from That Flower Shop, and THOSE amazing gold terrariums that the bride sourced.

Do have a read below for Leonie (and Nick’s!) wonderful write up of the day, they also sum it up with some wonderful advice which I wanted to post here too:

I felt a lot more of a ‘bride’ on the day than I was expecting. Turns out it’s not just the white dress that does it! Try and get round and talk to everyone but do go off and have a moment by yourself (as well as with your new husband!) when you want to.

Spend time with the family members that you don’t often see. Make sure you eat the nice food, drink the fancy champagne and dance  – it’s more important to have a good time in your dress than keep it pristine.

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Anges de Sucre – The Sugar Wonderland Emporium in London

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Photos and Cakes Anges de Sucre


Kale and quinoa lovers look away now. Introducing you to the wonderland emporium of Anges de Sucre with their kitsch Kensington shop and their incredible showstopping sweet-on-sweet cakes and treats. We’re talking doughnuts, marshmallows, macarons, and oreo’s… and that’s just the toppings. 

I’ve been dribbling over the delightfully decadent instagram account of Anges de Sucre for quite some time, though will admit had a ‘unfollow’ moment in January when the diet was in full swing but thankfully I came to my senses and continued to indulge with their insta-sugar fix from them.

Anges de Sucre (translates from French as ‘Sugar Angels’) is possibly the closest you’ll come to Willy Wonka land in London. Run by owner Reshmi Bennett, they are an award-winning sweet shop wonderland in Kensington serving all kinds of decadent treats from macaroons, marshmallows, cupcakes, cakes and even their own invention – the ‘Muffle’ (a marshmallow-truffle hybrid!).

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