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Etsy Wedding Sellers Pop Up at West Elm

This coming February sees sellers popping up at West Elm, Tottenham Court Road.

10 ​Etsy makers will be selling their wedding wares at the pop-up marketplace over the weekend in February 2017, launching on Friday 17th through to Sunday 19th. ​It will be the perfect opportunity to pick up a selection of wedding items from our wonderful makers, as Etsy is of course the place to buy beautifully designed and handmade pieces.

Whether you are looking for personalised presents, beautiful headpieces or wedding stationery, this pop-up will inspire any bride-to-be. There will be a variety of workshops across the weekend to get creative with any wedding prep you may have! More information on workshops and specific sellers can be found here.

Rosa Clara Bride for a Blush Pink Playful Peckham Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal, Modern, Urban

Photography by Samie Lee

A bride in Rosa Clara, blush pink details for a playful Peckham wedding.

Rosa Clara Bride & Blush Pink Summer Asylum Wedding in Peckham London by Samie Lee PhotographyMagda and Lee had a summery pretty, Peckham wedding in August this year with their ceremony at The Asylum Chapel and a reception in a nearby pub. Playful details with balloons and tissue paper garlands along with blush pink flowers and an utterly delicious looking ‘naked’ cake made this day fun and relaxed for this Polish bride and her groom!

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3 DIY Party or Wedding Styling Ideas from Decorate For A Party

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Book & Styling Inspiration Decorate For A Party by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

Looking for creative styling ideas for either your wedding or perhaps an upcoming gathering, Decorate For A Party has lots of inspiration and I share 3 simple and stylish DIY styling ideas from the book.  

Decorate For A Party Book

Since John Lewis released their Christmas advert last week, it definitely feels like we’re on the countdown now to one of my favourite times of year. Having moved into our house a year ago, we’re hoping to do some entertaining with friends, and wanted to share this book which was perfectly timed inspiration!

Decorate For A Party, written by Holly Becker of decor8 blog and Leslie Shewring is not only great for entertaining at home but also for any party occasions and great for brides out there looking to get a little creative by making some simple, stylish details for their wedding.

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DIY Wedding Flower Workshop With The Flower Appreciation Society

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Photography by London Bride

If you’re a creative bride, then you may want to try your hand at a fun DIY wedding flower workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society. You’ll get to learn a new skill and turn your hand to create your perfect wedding flowers! 

DIY Wedding Flower Worskhop with The Flower Appreciation Society

You’d think given I meet with florists regularly about my client’s wedding flowers that I’d perhaps have picked up some good skills along the way in terms of floral designs and arrangements, but – you’d be wrong! However that all changed after I recently attended a DIY flower arrangement workshop with the lovely Anna and Ellie, otherwise known as the flower power behind The Flower Appreciation Society (and authors of this lovely flower book) and I’m pleased to say I did in fact come away with some super helpful knowledge and a wonderful new skill (as well as lots of pretty flowers, of course!).

DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride
diy WEDDING flower workshops for brides

If you are a bride, bridesmaid, mother or hey, let’s not discriminate a groom, who fancies attempting DIY wedding flowers then I highly recommend attending a workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society to get you off on the right foot. You’ll learn all the basics along with some great tips that will be vital for creating your big day flowers and in fact let’s be honest, it’s a skill for life so a good investment!

The workshops take place at their lovely studio in De Beauvoir (not far from Highbury & Islington or Dalston) and after a short intro and the all important tea and biscuits (or fizz!) to fuel you, you are free to delve into the plethora of seasonal flowers to begin conditioning them before you start arranging. I had great fun with the other attendees, but equally you could do it with your mum/mother in law or one of your bridesmaids.

See details at the end of the post on the upcoming workshops for DIY wedding flowers.
DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride
there are no rules!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with The Flower Appreciation ladies a few times on different weddings, and I really do utterly adore their pretty, wild looking floral designs so was very excited to attempt to learn a thing or two from them. The workshop I attended was learning about arranging flowers in a small boat vase for a medium size display and also a jar arrangement, and with their guidance (ahem, perhaps more than I’d care to admit!) I did manage to create something I was actually pretty proud of! I’m sure if I can do it, anyone can, although it does make you realise how easy they make it look! Anna and Ellie also give really helpful knowledge on seasonal flowers, and buying from markets which is so valuable as that’s actually half of it!

The Finished Result!

What I love about these girls and indeed their style, is there are no rules. If you want a slightly lopsided display (yes that was my intention and was on purpose!) then go for it. If you want it huge, then why not, and usually the wilder the better which is great for beginners. They give relaxed demonstrations but really it’s all about getting stuck in and just giving it a go and with their guidance along the way if you get stuck they’ll be right on hand to help.

DIY Flower Workshop - The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Flower Workshop - The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Flower Workshop - The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride DIY Flower Workshop - The Flower Appreciation Society | By London Bride
advice on diy wedding flowers

Just putting my wedding planner hat on; I would advise if you are thinking of doing the flowers yourself, it is a fair amount of hours to put in, and can only really be done the day or two before the wedding so you have to be up for an early start to the flower market and willing to put the hours in right ahead of the day itself. I’ve heard from some brides that they did in fact enjoy spending time doing this with their mums or bridesmaids and found it quite therapeutic amongst the chaos in the run up to the day so if that sounds like you might enjoy it, then why not – just make sure you allow yourselves plenty of time!

However if you aren’t quite brave enough to create all your floral elements, then you could of course perhaps attempt maybe your own bouquet, but then have a florist on board to do the bigger jobs like the tables or larger displays as there will be much more to do and manage for this so takes a lot of the pressure off!

DIY Bridal Flowers Workshop - The Flower Appreciation Society
DIY Bridal flowers – 21st May | 2 – 5 pm | £145 per person

Learn to make your very own bridal flowers. Using the most beautiful seasonal flowers, they will teach you how to make your dream bridal bouquet, buttonholes, hair flowers and a flower crown. They’ll also be sharing tips on flower buying, flower seasons and keeping your flowers fresh. 

All materials included plus a goody bag and glass of fizz! 

Book Tickets Here

DIY Bridal Flowers Workshop - The Flower Appreciation Society

DIY hand tied bouquet making workshop
5th april / 7th july / 1st october |
7pm – 8.30pm | £65 PER PERSON

To celebrate spring, summer and autumn they are offering three hand-tied bouquet making classes. 

Using beautiful seasonal blooms and a selection of lovely foliage, they will show you how to condition your flowers, create and then wrap your bunch. Giving you all the flowery tips and advice that you will need along the way.

All materials included and a glass of wine.

Book Tickets Here

I attended a workshop courtesy of The Flower Appreciation Society, however I only share details of services & brands that I truly believe you’ll love too!

How To Print Fabric – DIY Printing Workshop


We attended a beautiful Autumnul workshop, learning how to print fabric with textile designer Zeena Shah and Papermash at The Town Hall Hotel

Town Hall Hotel Corner Room - How To Print Fabric Workshop with Zeena Shah and PapermashThe workshop was held by the lovely and talented textile designer Zeena Shah and the concept was from her new beautiful book How To Print Fabric. Alongside Zeena, Lynne from the online stationery boutique Papermash was there to help us style our end products at The Town Hall Hotel in East London’s very instagrammable Corner Room location.

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Handmade Wedding – The Etsy Wedding Fair London – 16th + 17th May

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Event The Etsy Wedding Fair

For those looking to add unique details and handcrafted items to their wedding, the Etsy Wedding Fair on May 16th – 17th in London is not to be missed! 

Etsy Wedding Fair London - May 2015

I imagine that many of you planning your wedding right now would put both hands in the air if I asked if you’ve been on Etsy to find something for your big day. Am I right? It’s the first place to go to if you need home-made, hand-crafted, unique and personal details, decorations or designs to incorporate into your wedding.


It’s really quite amazing what you can source through Etsy, and for that reason it’s a resource I use (for wedding clients, styling and personal!) all the time. So I’m very excited to share details of the upcoming The Etsy Wedding Fair this Spring, as it’s somewhere you’ll be able to be inspired in person, to meet the crafters, and to see the products in real-life, along with lots of other fun treats!

London Bride has a ticket giveaway for 10 pairs of tickets to the event, so make sure you see the details at the end of the post to be in with a chance of winning!

Etsy Wedding Fair London - May 2015
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Gemma + Alex – Poetry in Marriage

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Gemma and Alex had a low key wedding in the city they fell in love. They used their creativity to bring together their wedding day and I love this brides 1940s style and their romantic ‘poetry’ theme throughout the wedding. Top marks also to photographer Andrew Squires who risked standing in the middle of busy Tower Bridge to get the fabulous shots of the couple! They were well worth it!

“The most important thing for Alex and me was that our wedding day felt as though it represented us, both as a couple and as individuals.  We have attended many weddings (12 in 2012 alone!) and what we had always noted was that the best weddings, for the guests and for the couple getting married, are the ones that felt personal to the bride and groom.”

Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew SquiresGemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew SquiresGemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew SquiresGemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires


Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires

“My “look” was loosely based on a 1940s effect with pin curled hair and a simple dress. I just wanted my bridesmaids and flower girl to be comfortable so they each wore different dresses with a vaguely purple theme. Bouquets were simple dried flower arrangements of lavender (for bridesmaids – I made these and also had customized photo badges designed saying Chief Bridesmaid, Bride in Waiting, Best Woman and Flower Girl to pin onto the ribbon of the bouquets).  My bouquet was made of delphiniums, wheat and lavender.”  Dried flowers are a great idea for a budget option of a bouquet and the best bit is that you get to keep them afterwards without having to do anything to them!

Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires

“Our venue choice of Toynbee was perfect – in London where we met, fell in love and generally can’t imagine doing without, and also a flexible, inexpensive venue that allowed us to make the wedding utterly unique.  One guest described it as “an English country wedding in the city”

Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires

I love these shots of the couple in the middle of Tower Bridge! Risky position but it seems to have paid off for some amazing photos! “Our photographer was perfect. Not much more to say – Andy completely understood that we wanted relaxed, fun, colourful photos without too many poses. He was also very happy for us to jump into our wedding black cab and drive to Tower Bridge/ St Katharine’s Docks for some unreal looking London photos. He also helped us provide a “Photo booth” with dressing up for friends and family afterwards which was great fun!”

Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires

“The theme became Poetry/Literature and Wild Flowers (very loosely), and we managed to decorate the venue very cheaply with teapots, jars and bottles filled with flowers (bought from the market), some balloons, ribbons, fairy lights and candles.  Alex and I also hand printed canvases with lyrics from songs, poetry verses and quotes that we loved. The hand printing was also used for the cheese board and other markers.  Alex made some 3D letters with bulbs in saying DANCE and DRINK for added fun. Bunting was lent to us by a friend and my hen do also involved making some bunting which was great!”

Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew SquiresGemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew SquiresGemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires

The couple chose to serve cream tea before the ceremony (great idea so guests don’t go hungry!) “Inspired by the Bride’s obsession with Ottolenghi, our main was a mediterranean style buffet with chicken and chorizo, vegetarian ratatouille and selection of bread, salads and vegetables provided by Capital People London.”  The couples friends Kate Harrall made chocolate truffles and Lauren Carter decorated the poetry onto the wedding cake which guests tucked into alongside a number of cheeses from Berkshire and Yorkshire where the couples families are from. They served this with homemade bread and chuneys made by the couple’s parents – what a great use of their talent!

Gemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew SquiresGemma & Alex Poetry in the City / Photography by Andrew Squires

“Entertainment was low key – a Spotify play list, but during the ceremony a good friend Anne-Marie Piazza sang a cover of Regina Spektor’s Fidelity (with some novel lyrics personal to me and Alex) and my friend Rachel, and Alex’s sister Laura read a poem and song lyrics respectively. First dance was to The Ship Song by Nick Cave”

Congratulations to Gemma and Alex on a perfectly personal low key day! Thanks also to photographer Andy for sharing this with us.

Photography: Andrew JR Squires / Venue: Toynbee Hall / Bride’s Dress: Charlie Brear / Groom + Usher’s Suits: Duchamp / Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Beaucatcher / Dried Flower Bouquet: Daisy Shop / Catering: Capital People London


Get Crafty – Mini Paper Bunting Tutorial


Finishedproduct copy

A little Friday fun in the way of an easy DIY tutorial that can be adapted for a multiple of uses – oh how we like those! Brought to you by talented paper artist and illustrator Helen from Frances and Francis this cute little mini paper bunting tutorial let’s you spell out a message whether it is for gifts for your guests, favours, place cards or even as a cake topper you can get a bit crafty and adapt this DIY!

All you need is // Coloured paper, scissors, twine, glue gun/glue and a pencil and if you are having a go at paper cutting a scalpel (careful now!)

Mini Bunting

STEP 1 // Draw out a triangular shape onto card that you can then use as a template and trace around to create your bunting. Write your message by drawing each individual letter on to separate triangles.

STEP 2 //  You can stick to the drawn message if you like or you can scalpel out the message allowing for the wrapping paper to peep through.

Mini Bunting

STEP 3 //  Using a hot melt glue gun, stick one side of the triangles on to the twine in the right order of the message. If wrapping for a gift, you may want to stick the twine down with some tape to insure it stays in place and doesn’t twist.

STEP 4 // Wrap the twine with the message facing upright around the present and tie with a bow to keep it all nicely wrapped together.

Mini BuntingPhotos and Tutorial by Frances and Francis

Instead of wrapping the twine around the gift you could tie it to wooden skewers for a mini bunting display for a cake.

If you are interested in more paper crafting Helen runs workshops for brides in St Albans, just outside London to create these super cute paper flower favours! The next workshop is on Saturday 8th June so if you fancy joining see below for details!

Paper Flower

To see more paper pretty such as paper flower bouquets take a look at more of Helen’s crafty work at Frances and Francis. I’m off to a few weddings (as a guest can you believe!) this year so will be making full use of this sweet wrapping for gifts!

Sascha + Mary – A Simple Stoke Newington Pub Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Sascha and Mary were married in September [a seemingly incredibly popular time of year now for weddings!] with a simple ceremony at Hackney Town Hall followed by a reception at The Londesborough, Stoke Newington all captured by their photographer Philippa James.I have to say The Londesborough is fast becoming one of the most popular pub venues in Hackney for receptions as I know I’ve featured it a couple of times on the blog before! This couple also prove things can be done on a budget as they both looked dapper in their high street outfits which they added a few unique touches too. A simple sweet London wedding…

Mary chose a fun high street 50’s style dress from Coast Bridal which she then customised and had altered “I love the 50’s style wedding dresses because they are elegant but not too over the top and traditional. They also suited my shape! Victoria at Satin Bow Bridal did an amazing job at transforming my Coast dress into something really amazing and special. Sascha chose an elegant black three-piece suit and borrowed his fathers beautiful Victorian gold pocket watch.  I decided to ask my friend to do my make-up.  I wanted to look natural and feel myself and Jane did an amazing job.” 

Mary has lived in Hackney for over ten years and had always loved the iconic and beautiful Hackney Town Hall where they chose to have their ceremony. “Sascha came to live here in 2008 and absolutely loves it too.  When we were thinking of a venue to have the ceremony, it seemed like the obvious choice.   The Londesborough was the only place we looked at for the reception and it was perfect. All the staff were friendly, accommodating and totally on the ball.  And most importantly we had this very cool pub all to ourselves!” 

Wild flowers are becoming really popular for weddings at the moment, with their ‘undone’ unfussy feel and for simple low key weddings they suit them perfectly. Mary chose East London based florists Rebel Rebel who put together the English wild flower bouquet “The main flower was Cornflower and a mix of seasonal flowers so when they turned up with my bouquet on the day, I was absolutely gob smacked, they looked so beautiful!”

As the venue has it’s own unique style, they simply added a few small details to make it feel like their own “Our central colour was Cornflower Blue, which we threaded throughout the venue. I found some white tissue paper decorations, which we hung in the centre of the room, and some cool blue balloons, that we hung amongst them.  I also made hessian table runners to go on all the tables, which I thought softened the tables and went really well with the wild flowers we had.” 

The lovely separate tiered cake was made by Mary’s friends who incredibly were in four different locations across the UK but look how it came together! Such a lovely idea and just topped with a cornflowers it looks really pretty.  I love the slightly rustic style tables with the wooden logs by Hampson Woods which were teamed with a typographic table number. In fact the groom, Sascha designed and printed all the invitations and menus himself! Mary also got busy and made hessian table runners to add to the tables.

Of course what a gastro pub does really well is the food –  guests were treated to a three course meal and were able to choose their main course on the day which I think saves some of the stress of you trying to choose for them with a set menu! For their first dance they both chose a song they love called “In Spite of Ourselves” by John Prine and whilst not an obvious choice having listened to the lyrics it’s a very sweet song with a lovely sentiment that summed it all up for the couple.

Mary’s memorable moment certainly made me giggle – you have to love your family and their random behaviour at weddings:  “My father in law thinking that today was the best time to go through his 500 holiday snaps of Hungary with me!!”

As for planning tips, Mary advises not to try and make things perfect, wise words – “Try and relax, enjoy the process and to not worry about things that might go wrong.  It makes for a much more human and richer experience if things are real and not too stuffy and perfect.” 

Congratulations to Sascha and Mary, a super sweet wedding and thanks to Philippa James for sharing her lovely work on the blog too!

Venue: The Londesborough, Stoke Newington / Photography: Philippa James / Wedding Dress: Coast Bridal altered and customised at Satin Bow Bridal / Lace Shrug: Satin Bow Bridal / Bridesmaids: John Lewis / Groom’s Suit: Cos / Hair + Make Up: Friend, Jane Llewellyn / Flowers: Rebel Rebel / Cake: Friends: Deb, Gemma, Sam + Miranda


DIY Wedding Cake Class in London with Restoration Cake


A while ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Charlotte White from Restoration Cake, a very glamorous all round cakey lady who is utterly charming and so very good at what she does. She has now decided to share this talent of hers with brides to be, by launching the ‘Wedding Cake 101’ class for brides to DIY their own wedding cake for their big day.

I would assume any brides out there who are looking to DIY their own cake it’s not only to learn, or have the sense of achievement and to have fun with it but also to save on costs. This class unlike many others is under £100 and as well as being kind to the purse it’s also kind with your time at just 3 hours!

The class is taught by Charlotte (above), who is genuinely passionate about helping DIY brides create something special and professional for their own wedding. She will be there to provide you with friendly guidance and advice on making your cake with her knowledge and experience she will share with you tips so you can avoid any mishaps in the kitchen – you even get given a special hotline number afterwards just in case! I like that Charlotte’s first hand experience means she can appreciate the pressure and emotions brides go through with this process as has been one herself!

Students will have the confidence to create a gorgeous and professional looking wedding cake, with a few insider tips on how to decorate their cake beautifully. Charlotte says “Most of the Brides who tell me that they plan to make their own Wedding Cake say that they are confident of their baking ability but that their cake design won’t be as professional looking as mine – I want to demystify the tricks that I use to create beautiful tiered cakes.” 

In Wedding Cake 101 brides will learn how to achieve a perfect finish when covering cakes in fondant icing, how to ‘dowel’ the lower tiers to ensure that the cake can be stacked safely, and how to create decoration with basic piping techniques, fondant flowers, and ribbons. At the end of the class, each student will leave with their own beautiful two-tiered cake and a factsheet containing each technique covered in the class.

The class is held at The Edward Woods Community Centre in Shepherd’s Bush (less than 5 minutes walk from Westfield Shopping Centre) and is £90 per person (including all materials and equipment.
The dates for the classes are Tuesday 8th January (starting at 6pm so no need to take time off work!) and also on Saturday 23rd February (2pm). For more information and to book your place on the course visit the Restoration Cake website:

With all the ‘why don’t you bake more’ quotes I’ve been receiving lately, I think Mr London Bride would rather like me to go on this course…!


DIY 2-way ombre tassle by Berinmade

INSPIRATION, Design & Decor, DIY, Stationery

Tassles are so hip right now [no, not those kind of tassles, well unless that’s your thing?] so I’ve got a rather fab DIY ombre* tassle tutorial to share with you today, or rather two tutorials – even better! Whether it’s for a ceremonial send off for your wedding day, decorations for a hen party or maybe just to prettify your home, these sweet and simple tutorials by the oh-so-talented and crafty Erin from Berinmade [she also does the prettiest stationery, go check her out!] are a great way of adding colour.

This versatile DIY rests on one easy concept of making a tassel that can be used in more than one way. It’s partly inspired by the fabulousness that is Confetti System, and also the ombre trend which is picking up again in time for summer! Tassels are oh-so-festive and are perfect for any outdoor and garden affairs as well as the DIY-savvy brides!

Part 1: Making a Tassel

A simple tassel can be used for a ceremony send-off down the aisle. Here is your list of supplies:

– Tissue paper (which can be bought at Paperchase for £2.50 a pop)
– Gold/Silver Pipe Cleaners
– Jute String/Beige Rubber Bands
– Scissors

1. Stack 4/5 pieces of tissue paper and cut out a rectangle. The height should be twice as long as you’d like the tassle to be (mine, about 10 inches) and the width about 1/3 of its length (mine about >3 inches).

2. Fold in half, and cut strands of your tassel from the open end up to the folded end, stopping at about 1 inches of the fold. Thick strands give a substantial feel that is perfect for backdrops, and thinner strands are airier and “fluffier”.

3. Still laying the tissues “at, slip a finger into each end of the fold.

4. Bunch up the centre (the uncut bits), whilst still making sure that the strands don’t shift.

5. Twist the centre as if ringing a towel. The twist is what gives the tassel its “magic”, when you twist, you will see the strands curl up.

6. Continue twisting, and bring the twisted part to a loop. Tie up with jute string or rubber bands. Don’t worry too much about the bands showing, as when the tassels are shaken, they will hide the tied part. Now shake it to wake it!

7. To make a tassel for send off, thread your pipe cleaner through the loop and twist upon itself. Voila!

Part 2: Making a backdrop

Making a backdrop is easy but just requires a bit more patience and perhaps best made with a troop of bridesmaids/friends! The great thing about this backdrop is that it is collapsable and light to carry.

Extra Supplies needed:
– Superglue
– MDF beams

1. The backdrop is constructed by “beams” going across which will be hidden when the backdrop is done. In that sense, we don’t need to worry too much about their colour (although neutral is always best). You can order MDF beams on websites such as MDF Cut To Size which will also deliver them to your door.

Order the width as you’d like the width of your backdrop, then order the “height” and thickness in 15mm.
Line up your beams on the “floor parallel to each other. The space between them should measure about 1 inch less that the height of your tassel (so that the row above would hide the loop of the tassels below.)

2. Keeping in mind the spacing, double knot your jute string near the end of the beam (about 1 inch away from the edge), and after fastening, apply a bit of superglue to make sure the knot doesn’t shift.

3. Repeat on each beam until you reach the end, leaving a generous amount to trail off. This is the top of your backdrop and the end will be used for hanging.

4. Thread your tassels in, one colour on each beam. My backdrop measures 27 x 15inches and has 10 tassels on each beam.

When you finish flling the frame with tassels, complete the backdrop by fastening the other side with jute string (steps 2-3). Hang the backdrop by two nails on the wall!

So there you go! Seriously pretty and colourful decorations for so many uses [also thinking on backs of chairs, pew ends, the options are endless!]. Thanks again to the clever lady behind this Erin, who is founder and illustrator of BerinMade Illustrator Paper Goods, an Etsy shop based out of London, UK specialising in wedding stationery, pretty paper things and custom craft supplies for weddings and beyond. Check out her website [ and blog (].

Do let me know if you think you’ll be giving it a go… go get your craft on!

*I know I know it’s a widely over-used term on wedding blogs, but well, it’s kind of the only way to describe it!

an intimate affair – london wedding at the ica


One of my very good friends got married at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) a few years ago, and I’ve always loved it as a wedding venue. It’s a modern, sleek and white space that is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. When Suzie Jay of Chasing Moments photography submitted this wedding to me, I loved it for it’s informal but intimate feel. The couple PL and Ed enjoyed their ceremony in August here followed by afternoon tea before they headed to the Zetter Hotel for dinner and dancing.

PL says, “We had a small and informal wedding, and spent the whole day feeling exhilarated, gathering hugs from family and friends, crying and laughing until we physically hurt, and constantly eating – and the whole thing was rounded off with hilarious dancing by our parents.”

Sometimes looking at a beautiful intimate wedding like this shows you can have a wonderful stress free day without spending too much. I love the way they took a break during the day for a wonder around The Mall and a sit down in the park with their friends.

The beauty of a small wedding is you can perhaps be a lot more personal with your touches. I love that they used large wooden initial letters for place names for each of their guests, and the DIY strings of pom poms add a pretty touch to a blank space and echo the beautiful David Austin roses in her bouquet – I can almost smell them through my screen!

“We had lots of practical help from family and friends and our main suppliers, such as Suzie and the venue staff, who were patient and accommodating people who we liked and trusted. We knew we didn’t need it to be a perfect day as nothing really mattered apart from being married legally at the end of the day”

Thank you to the gorgeous couple PL and Ed for allowing me to share their day and to their wonderful photographer Suzie.

Photography / Chasing Moments

Venue / ICA

Bride’s Outfit / Hoss Intropia

Groom’s Suit / Jasper Littman

Hair / Alexis Day

Make Up / DIY with MAC Products

Flowers / DIY Purchased at New Covent Garden Market + David Austin

Food /Peyton & Byrne at the ICA

Cakes / Made by Family + Friends

Wooden Initials / Unto This Last

Tissue Pom Poms / DIY