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Eco-Bridal Week – Eco-Friendly Wedding Photography


Now jewellery, dresses and stationery are all quite obvious ways to help choose more environmentally friendly options for your wedding day, and you may not think that a photographer can be eco-friendly… however – there is in fact an element to which you can consider eco-friendly options with your photography choices – your wedding album. Although beautiful, these books can be heavily over packaged and made internationally or shipped from afar which means that can end up being fairly unsustainable.

The very talented Dasha from Exhibit Emotions practices many eco-friendly methods throughout her photography business, and she was keen to offer her couples greener wedding albums, but she didn’t want to compromise on quality.  She therefore chose to offer  handcrafted fine art wedding albums which are made in the UK, helping ease the carbon footprint and the album is protected with environmentally friendly packaging too which keeps waste to a minimum. The beautiful presentation box is made of recycled card and the fine art paper is recycled or bought from sustainable sources. The real leather cover is a by-product of meat industry and it all comes wrapped in a sleeve made from natural, unbleached cotton. 

I’ll be honest and admit it’s not something I would have given a thought about, but when you read the methods above of how they are far more sustainable it does make you think think more about the environment and to consider where and how items are produced. Doesn’t it?
I also just wanted to end the week with a few images from this beautiful styled modern eco-shoot that Dasha photographed. 

Photography / 
100% Organic Cupcakes /

Recycled Stationery /
Hair Styled with Organic Hair + Make-up Products /
Original Vintage Wedding Dresses /
I hope you’ve enjoyed the eco-bridal week on London Bride, and that I’ve opened your eyes a little in that being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design and style (or wear a long floaty dress with flowers in your hair for that matter). 
I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you are hoping to use eco-friendly elements on your wedding day!

Eco Bridal Week – Tammam Bridal Gowns

AISLE STYLE, Bridal Style

I first met owner and designer of Tammam bridal, Lucy at Eco Luxe last year in London. She has been creating bespoke wedding gowns since 2006 and all aspects of the collections are considered ethical, sustainable, organic and environmentally friendly.
This year they have also launched a bespoke lace service, which is designed and hand crafted to suit each brides interests, loves and desires. I love this concept, such a lovely way of making your gown so unique whilst having the faith that it has been crafted by a very skilled artisan in fair trade employment.

Whilst you may assume your dress is made to a high standard, for some there is always a concern about how it has been produced, and with Tammam, not only are the dresses stylish and fantastic quality,  but they have been crafted through a unique ethical supply chain, which consists of organic peace silk  [you can read what this process is here] and fair trade tailors and lace makers working with traditional and updated crafts.

Tammam are happy to cater for brides with different budgets, and production of every gown is fair trade and farics are natural (or recylced), sustainable and vegetarian. The perfect designer for the eco-chic brides out there!
Tammam is based in Bloomsbury do visit their website for further information:

Eco Bridal Week – Two For Joy Paper Recycled Stationery


I came across these fun and eco friendly invitations on EtsyTwo For Joy Paper allows all their designs to be printed on 100% recycled paper stock with the option of 100% kraft recylced envelopes as well. For such a small change you will be doing the environment a big favour and not compromising on the pretty lovely design. Happy days!

Two For Joy Paper on Etsy:

Eco Bridal Week – Minna Bridal

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We are all [hopefully] becoming more aware of eco brands within the wedding industry and it’s always nice to know that there are options out there for brides if this is an important part of their wedding day. So this week I’m launching Eco-Bridal Week on London Bride where I hope to highlight some fantastic ideas and talented eco suppliers within the wedding industry, and not just for the ‘boho’ bride. 
Inspired by her clients wearing her dresses as their wedding dresses, Eco-Luxe designer Minna has launched a new wedding collection of vintage inspired dresses and romantic accessories – ‘To Have And To Hold’.
The dresses are seriously affordable [£200-500] and you can see how lovingly handmade they are. I really like that a lot of her dresses are short and lacy which I know so many brides out there are looking for as an alternative to a full skirted designer number and this was definitely something that the Finnish designer Minna had in mind as she wanted them to go from Vows to Festival to Cocktails, and for me they definitely tick all those boxes! 
They are simple, classic and cute plus the added bonus is that the materials are sustainable, with environmentally friendly production techniques including local manufacturing and zero waste pattern cutting techniques for every garment. 

The collection offers a range of affordable (£200-£500), thoughtfully designed and lovingly hand embellished dresses made in UK. Additionally, there is a stunning range of veils, hair adornments and capes to complete the romantically bohemian bridal look! Moreover, Minna wanted to embody wearability, hence the dresses are designed to go from vows to cocktails to festivals.

The old marital good luck custom can be added to the dresses to create unique embellishments with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. A favourite love poem or wedding date can be hand embroidered to the dress as well and customers have Minna’s vast archive of lace fabrics to choose from. 

The frocks can be altered according to the client’s specification, and different fabrics can be used for bridesmaid’s garments for a complete nuptial-look.
Fabrics used vary from creamy silks to detailed laces and chiffons. The wedding collection stays true to the Minna brand with a rich palette of natural soft powder, ivory and white colours.

You can also check out this very boho video to see the dresses in more detail…

Check out the full collection over at: