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Elegant Champagne & Food Focussed Syon Park Wedding


Photography by Anneli Marinovich

Megan and Olly had a ‘Champagne’ inspired wedding with an unforgettable feast for their elegant and sophisticated celebrations at Syon Park with a few surprises along the way. 

syon-park-wedding-LB_0099Hello! Firstly a little apology intro as it’s been a little quiet for a few weeks on here. As you all may know, I run my wedding planning business alongside the blog and with three client’s weddings in July to style, plan and co-ordinate I just haven’t been able to keep up both! So my apologies to all you London Bride’s out there for the unexpected break, and thanks for your patience. Hopefully in that time we have also welcomed some new London brides-to-be, so hello to you too!

Although it’s been a while, I do have a very beautiful wedding to be coming back with, at one of London’s truly stunning venues, Syon Park. It’s always so lovely to feature such elegant weddings, I get transported to a world of glamour, black tie and decadence even if just for a few hours!

What do you get when you have a couple who are a chef and work in the events industry? A pretty amazing wedding indeed of course! Megan and Olly had a beautifully orchestrated celebration, and you can truly see how the couple poured their style and thought into every element and detail of the day. It’s also truly lovely to see how, despite being so involved in the day and given their careers and invovlement, they were able to take a big step back and really relax and have fun on the day (come rain or shine!), as that’s just so important to be able to enjoy the moments, including a few surprises along the way!

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