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Stylish + Sparkly 1920s Inspired Stoke Newington Wedding

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It feels like I’m constantly posting pub weddings here on the blog, but you know what, no-one can argue that for a London Bride they aren’t a wise and popular choice! Just a stone’s throw from me, this lovely Stoke Newington wedding of Tory and Jon which had a nod to the styles of 1920s and I love the fun little touches and details that turn the pub into a glittering (bridesmaids included) pretty place for a celebration.

“Jon and I just wanted to have a day that was fun, relaxed and simple. Our families have known each other since before I was born, so the most important thing was to share our day with them, and our amazing friends, laughing, eating and having a great time. We didn’t spend too much time focusing on a specific look, but I guess it ended up being a bit of a twenties, vintage, pink and metallic Stokey affair!”

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0003 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0004 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0001Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0002

I think Tory manages to keep her style modern but with the beautiful decadence of the twenties in her made-to-measure vintage inspired dress from Hope and Harlequin in Brighton and just goes to show, never rule out something you think won’t necessarily suit you!

“I like to think my dress was meant to be! My engagement ring is vintage art deco, chosen by Jon in the Lanes in Brighton, and on a quick trip back there to get it resized, we were wandering around when I spotted Hope & Harlequin. Peering through the windows, I spied a gorgeous 20s-style dress hanging at the back of the shop, but thought the floaty twenties style would never suit me. Wonderful Sarah let me try a few on their made-to-measure range then and there, and every single one looked and felt gorgeous. Dressmaker Sarah is an absolute wizard and their made-to-measure dresses are so flattering and unique, I could have bought any one of them.

So after dragging my Mum and the maids hundreds of miles for a second trying on sesh, I went with the Clara ‘flapper style’ dress. The first one I had spotted!” Tory then kept her look consistent with her overall style with a 1920s faux bob hairstyle, vintage t-bar shoes and a beautiful headpiece from Coast.


I’m all for glittery sequin cladded bridesmaids, and these girls look amazing in their incredible flattering pink dresses which happened to also be a bit of a bargain! “The bridesmaids’ dresses were a lucky find in the French Connection sale. I wanted something that would stand out and that suited a fun London wedding, and these were so ridiculous sparkly they worked perfectly. The girls all sorted their own shoes and I bought them each a rose gold initial necklace to match. They all looked gorgeous!” 

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0007 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0008 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0009 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0010

“We’ve lived together in Stoke Newington for seven years, so it just felt right to have the wedding here. London has so many quirky, beautiful places to hold a wedding, and Stoke Newington Town Hall is a stunning venue, so that was a no-brainer. The Londesborough was super convenient, just five minutes’ walk away, and Amber runs the weddings like a well-oiled machine, so we knew we could just relax and enjoy the day… and eat their wonderful food!”

The beautiful black and gold invites featured a 1920s style design which were in keeping with the style of the day and were designed by a friend of the bride, Emma O’Neil. The ceremony was such a meaningful part of their day, with bride Tory walking down the aisle to Chet Baker (my all time favourite) This Is Always. Such a a beautiful song.

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0011 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0012 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0013 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0014 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0015 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0016 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0017

Let’s not forget ladies that men have to shop for their outfit too, and in this case, the Groom’s suit was harder work to find ‘the one’ than the brides! “After searching high and low for vintage, he struggled to find the right colour, size and quality he was after, so settled on this gorgeous sharp blue style from Suit Supply. He looked amazing, and his groomsmen, who just wore their own outfits all looked equally smart and unique.” I also love the pop of pink peonies in the groomsmen’s buttonholes!

Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0018 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0020 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0029Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0027Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0030Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0039

It’s always lovely to hear when a bride has found their suppliers for their day via London Bride, and the very talented Laura from LM Weddings was who Tory stumbled across. “I hunted high and low for photographers, but as soon as I saw Laura’s work on London Bride, I knew she was the one. Her work is different to everyone else’s – she captures couples and guests looking genuinely happy, and I wanted to make sure our pics showed a fun, loved-up day with a party atmosphere, not a styled-out shoot. She did wonders with the little time we allocated to photos and two very uncomfortable subjects. Thank you Laura, you’re a star! A testament to Laura’s work, incredible photos and the portraits especially without a hint of uncomfortable in sight!


Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0032 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0024 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0038Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0023Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0022Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0041Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0033 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0036 Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0035Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0042Stoke-Newington-Wedding-LM-Weddings-LB_0043

The amazing towering cake above was made by Tory’s bridesmaid, Lucie and Tory handmade the tassel garlands that were strung from the ceiling to add some fun to the pub. They followed some incredibly heartfelt speeches with their first dance to Love Letters by Elvis Presley and danced the night away.

“We focused our budget on a really great photographer rather plus a photobooth, I chose my perfect dress and found a budget headpiece. You genuinely won’t regret keeping it simple, as long as you do what you actually want rather than thinking about what other people have had.”

Congratulations to Tory and Jon on a wonderful and beautiful day, from a fellow Stokey person!

Credits: Photography: LM Weddings / Bridal Prep: The Rose & Crown / Ceremony: Stoke Newington Town Hall / Reception: The Londesborough / Bride’s Dress: Hope and Harlequin / Bridesmaids Dresses: French Connection / Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply  / Hair Styling: Claire Grech / Make Up: Roberta Kearsey / Flowers: Evergreen & Outrageous / Cake: Lucie (Bridesmaid) / Invitations: Emma O’Neil