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Colourful Spring Geometric Wedding in Islington

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Photography by Lovestruck PhotographyWedding Co-ordination London Bride

Leonie & Nick had a colourful Spring wedding in Islington, co-ordinated by London Bride with blooms bursting from terrariums, an a capella choir, coloured wedding dress and lots of eclectic decor. 

Colourful Geometric Spring Islington London Wedding by Lovestruck Photo | Co-ordination by London Bride

I’m so excited to share today’s wedding of Leonie and Nick. This was a gorgeous Spring wedding from earlier this year that was co-ordinated by London Bride! So, you know the drill – any weddings by us tend to be a little long in length as it’s so hard to edit them down! I’ll be honest also in that Leonie and Nick are ridiculously photogenic that there were just too many beautiful photos from Lovestruck Photography to choose from, so excuse the rather lengthy post!

Leonie and Nick added so much fun, character and colour to their relaxed Islington pub wedding, with lots of personal details; many combined with efforts of some very talented and kind friends, it just shows you can transform any space and I really loved seeing so much colour! I worked with them in the lead up to the day and it was lovely to style and set up all their personal decorative touches along with the incredible flowers from That Flower Shop, and THOSE amazing gold terrariums that the bride sourced.

Do have a read below for Leonie (and Nick’s!) wonderful write up of the day, they also sum it up with some wonderful advice which I wanted to post here too:

I felt a lot more of a ‘bride’ on the day than I was expecting. Turns out it’s not just the white dress that does it! Try and get round and talk to everyone but do go off and have a moment by yourself (as well as with your new husband!) when you want to.

Spend time with the family members that you don’t often see. Make sure you eat the nice food, drink the fancy champagne and dance  – it’s more important to have a good time in your dress than keep it pristine.

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Kati + Tom – A Wedding Rave Up at The George Tavern

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One of the things you have got to love about London is diversity. It’s everywhere, and even on these pages. I love writing this blog as it allows me to share some luxurious, decadent celebrations, some romantic traditional weddings and then, some like this. Today’s couple, Kati and Tom planned a super relaxed pub…well wedding rave up! A ceremony in an old car park, maids of ‘dishonour’, flower girls with cat ears and techno for the evening entertainment. This couple clearly know how to have fun and celebrate. Perhaps wedding raves are the next big thing… if so, send an invite my way!

“The idea was always to have fun. It was about bringing together everyone that we cared about to add to our party of two. I still can’t get over how relaxed and fun packed the day and night was. A proper rave up by the name of Love Haze. We’d commission a young designer Chris Dillon who had been through one of the programmes that I run at D&AD – he did an amazing job of creating an old school rave flyer that set us off perfectly…it all built from there. The whistle love hearts are still the most perfect icon there could have been to represent us and our day.”

London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography

I absolutely LOVE Kati’s alternative bridal dress, with black embroidery and lace. For a city bride looking for something more alternative it’s always worth exploring designer collections if you find bridal boutiques are just too formal for what you’re after. “I struggled to find the dress that was ‘the one’, so I split the difference and got two! The gorgeous lace Maje for the day and a ‘cosmic tutu’ for the evening. My stunning best friend/maid of dishonour Nat had a change too, so we switched it up for the evening., I did have the most amazing Kat Maconie shoes but they didn’t last the afternoon, so the biker boots came out for the dance floor stomp. Like the rest of the wedding, I kept a relaxed approach to it all.

As my Maje dress had black stitching down the front, it seemed fitting to have my ‘maids of dishonour’ in black. My make up was pretty natural as I was in the driving seat and it’s all I can do!

My flower girls were in also lace/satin with gold cat ears [they couldn’t believe I’d said they could wear them]. My husband and brother-in-law [his best man] looked beyond hansom in the Reiss suits they’d worn the year before when my husband had been best man for his brother. We’d changed the accessorised colours [we went for a fern green, with the blue linen suits and peach tan leather shoes] to give it a refreshed feel.”

London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography

You wouldn’t know this couple got pretty much married in a car park would you? Lucky for them as the sun was shining they quickly put Plan B into action: “The George Tavern was the perfect location, the staff were also a big part of making it such a perfect day. We were supposed to get married in the old theatre above the pub, but when we got an unexpected incredible day of sunshine, it was all hands on deck to move it outside in to what was a car park a couple of weeks before. The ceremony was short but beautiful, conducted by my husband’s ex-agent who is now a celebrant. It was super honest and told the tale of us and our friends. Although neither of us are too into poetry, there is one poem that became extremely meaningful to me around the time I met Tom; Rumi’s Zero Circle – my sister read it as part of the ceremony.

The flowers were collected over the couple of weeks before the wedding by my sister and mum. We used flowers from my mums garden on the tables and if Deb [my sister] saw a vessel of any kind it would get a plant in it for the day. Deb also did an amazing job cutting my bouquet fresh just before I walked down the isle. I also had a head dress by Grace and Thorn – it didn’t last too long in all the activity though sadly! 

London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography

“The food was incredible – very informal. There was no sit down dinner, just food available at various points for people to be able to help themselves to. People still wax lyrical about the Jollof Pot guys. Super lovely people too! We wanted to put our money behind the bar and ensure all our friends and family had the best time without having to put their hands in their pockets so pretty much all our budget went on this!” 

When you hear a couple have had techno at their wedding, you know they know how to party… “For us, it was always going to be about the music. It’s huge part of us, how we met and our relationship now. My husband did a mix just for our first dance and after the Love Haze pre-recorded mega mix, the music throughout the evening was provided by our friends, who DJ’d one after the other to a heady mix of old school, hardcore, jungle and of course techno. My husband had created homemade lasers with string and UV lights. With the addition of a couple of hazers, the ‘rave cave’ was complete and we were set for entertainment all night long.”

London Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane PhotographyLondon Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane PhotographyLondon Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane PhotographyLondon Wedding Rave by Lisa Jane Photography

“Our photographer Lisa was amazing. I saw her pics online and loved them so I contacted her only weeks before the wedding and managed to snag her on one of her only free weekends of the year! The pictures are one of the things that people still comment on too. I’m over the moon with them and remember the first time Tom and me opened them up – we were moved by how much they had managed to capture of the day. Lisa’s pictures are visible evidence of my most perfect memories.” 

Memorable moments:

“Walking down the aisle to Yazoo ‘Only You’ literally in to a Love Haze towards my husband, being by his side and looking out at all our amazing family in friends awash in sun light. It was home.

Plus, my dad’s speech. He’s a quiet man, but it started off by him jumping on the sofa and talking about laying down a track [he’s 71]. I’ve never felt so proud or in awe. He was famous that day.”


What an awesome couple and beautiful work as always from London Bride favourite, Lisa Jane Photography. Thanks to you all for sharing!

Photography: Lisa Jane Photography / Venue: The George Tavern / Bride’s Dress: Maje / Bridesmaids: Asos / Groom’s Suit: Reiss / Catering: Jollof Pot and Big Apple Hot Dogs

Lucy + Simon – A Stylish Stoke Newington Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

Lucy and Simon had a beautiful Stoke Newington Wedding in London back in September last year captured beautifully by Lisa Jane. Lisa truly has an eye for capturing the essence of love within a couple but in a beautiful, quiet and intimate way so I love these images, especially their portraits during the day. Lucy and Simon truly look so relaxed throughout the day, and with a perfect pub and some killer leopard heels I’d say that was a recipe for a great London wedding.

“The date, the venue and the photographer were our priority at the beginning of the process of planning our wedding. We found the lovely Lisa Jane after spending a lot of time searching online. Her style was exactly what we were looking for, she was the only person we met and we were sold immediately. Not only a talented photographer but a fellow lover of red hair and leopard print. Deal done!”

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

On the day I got ready with my Mum, sister and Best Woman above a pub directly opposite the town hall. My Dad joined us as all our guests had a drink or two downstairs. Simon got ready with his family and best man in our flat before heading to the venue. We didn’t decorate the town hall in anyway; it looked just perfect as it was. After the ceremony we had our couple portraits taken with Lisa as our guest enjoyed a few glasses of Pimms in the Londesborough.”

Lucy’s beautiful dress was made by Viveene Campbell a close friend with whom she made an agreement when they were just 15 that she would make her wedding dress! How lovely is that! It’s such a beautiful shape and is such an elegant fit and she certainly oozes old Hollywood glamour with especially with her fiery locks.  “After getting engaged I spent some time searching for the style I wanted at vintage shops and fairs and then about 4 months before the wedding Viveene began to make the dress we designed together. I wanted something classic that oozed a bit of 1930/40s Hollywood glamour which would be comfortable to wear all day and dance all night in! I was so pleased with the end result, it was exactly what I had pictured looking like on the day.” She teamed her dress with accessories borrowed from kind and trusted family and friends and the rather fabulous leopard print heels were from Office, “I wanted my dress and hair to do all the work! The icing on the cake was the most spectacular antique necklace which was my something borrowed and a pair of leopard print shoes because I love a bit of leopard print!”

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

“We always knew we wanted to get married close to where we live. Hackney seemed the perfect choice as I grew up there and Simon and I have lived there since we moved in together 4 years ago. Stoke Newington Town Hall is a beautiful art deco building on Church Street, it was our perfect ceremony location. I discovered that the Londesborough was a wedding reception venue whilst looking through a couple of wedding blogs. I remember calling Simon immediately to tell him, it is one of our favourite pubs. Fantastic food, lovely décor, perfect size and perfectly located for the town hall. We went down to see them, confirmed a date and booked there and then. It was about 6 weeks after we got engaged.

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography


I chose to have one ‘official’ bridesmaid, my younger sister Clare. We found her dress in John Lewis, a beautiful vintage looking gown by Ghost, which complemented the style of my own dress. You rarely see my sister out of her DM’s and jeans so it was lovely to see her look so gorgeous and elegant. My best friend was my Best Woman as I felt that was more equal (I don’t see why only Simon gets a best person) and I hate the name Maid of Honour, it suggests someone much older and less fabulous then Louise is! Louise chose her own dress but I helped her to make the final decision. It was a Reiss dress which she looked gorgeous in and it looked great with mine and Clare’s dresses too.”


Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

You’ve got to love a well dressed man, especially on his wedding day. Just tonight on twitter I declared my slight aversion to tail’s and morning suits on men at weddings, but Simon is very far from this traditional look and is quite the stylish, dashing groom. His look wasn’t just thrown together though, this is a man who thinks about his outfit, and why the hell not! “Simon take his clothes VERY seriously! He wore a bespoke suit from John Lancaster on Savile Row which was blue merino wool”. He teamed the smart suit with a pair of tan brogues with real gold [how cool is that!?] by Justin Deakin, a shirt from Mr Start and Alexander McQueen ties for him and his best man.

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

“We kept décor to a minimum as the pub is well decorated with lots of original features and personality. We wanted lots of wild looking flowers, which were sourced by a local florist who is also a family friend and prepared by a gang of friends on the morning of the wedding. We had a table plan, hand made by Simon, based on the London Underground map. Simon loves London and its history and it is such an iconic map we loved the way it looked.”

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane PhotographyStoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

“We also hired pinball tables through a contact of mine at work for our guests to play on for free, they were awesome!We made photo bunting using string and pegs with photos of us and our family and friends from over the years. It was one of my favourite things, having our history before and since we met beaming down on us in the form of lots of happy smiling faces. Almost all of whom were there with us in person as well.

We didn’t have favours but instead donated money to Breast Cancer Care and gave everyone a pink ribbon pin. These were in memory of my Aunt who sadly passed away three years ago who I was very close to. It was always really important to me that she was remembered during the day and this seemed to be the perfect way to do that.”

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography“Food plays a big part in mine and Simon’s life, we both love to cook and we both love eating! We chose a two-course sit down meal for the wedding breakfast. We knew the pub did great food, having eaten there several times, but I don’t think we ever imagined the food would be as good as it was on the day – we had lots of people tell us it was the best food they had had at a wedding. Rather then a dessert course we decided to have a cake table and asked a few guests to prepare cakes and puddings which everyone helped themselves to. Viveene made our wedding cake. She had made the same cake for her son’s christening and it was divine. A Jamaican rum cake, which is a type of spongy fruit cake. The fruit was soaked in rum for 6 months! We still haven’t eaten it all and I think the alcohol means it will be edible forever!”

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

“The size of the venue dictated our post dinner entertainment, live music wasn’t an option but we were both happy to go with a DJ. We had loads of fun putting the playlist together and the DJ on the night curated the tracks like an absolute dream”.

Writing this and looking through Lisa’s photos again has brought it all flooding back. It was an incredible day, as perfect as we had planned it. The best thing of all is being married to the person you love more then anything in the world and having this wonderful day as a perfect memory.”

What music did you walk down the aisle to? Van Morrison, Into the Mystic (a favourite song of mine and my Dad’s)

Do you have any planning advice for other brides? Accept the help of your friends and family but do it your way!Involve all the talented people you know, it makes it all extra special!

Stoke Newington Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

Photographer: Lisa Jane Photography / Ceremony Venue: Stoke Newington Town Hall / Reception Venue: Londesborough Pub, Stoke Newington / Brides Dress: Viveene Campbell / Bridesmaids: Ghost / Groom’s Suit: John Lancaster / Hair + Make-Up: Lydia Warhurst / Flowers: Friend – Robert French / DJ – Speedy Disco  / Videographer: Friend – Mat Cook

Annie + James – Gastropub wedding for a Temperley London bride

WEDDINGS, Informal

Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0009

A short but oh so sweet wedding today! The very stylish Annie and James were married in June last year with the day captured beautifully by Emma Jane at Caught The Light photography. A stylish city wedding, with a gastro pub reception, Annie and James wanted the day to be relaxed and with the help of their wonderful friends and family, all helped to bring the day together. And look at that blue sky, how lucky they were. Now come on and hurry up Spring!

I have to mention Annie’s beautiful style, that soft rust coloured Temperley gown is simply stunning and I love her neat ballerina bun! Brides, just goes to show you don’t have to wear white on your wedding day, I love the soft colours on Annie and the complimenting bridesmaids in rose also. So pretty!

From Annie: “When we started planning our wedding we decided that we wanted a relaxed day without too many formalities, having a really great celebration with close friends and family was the most important thing to us. I was brought up in London, and we are both foodies so a Town Hall wedding followed by a reception at a gastro pub seemed perfect. We did nearly everything ourselves and with friends – the invitations, the flowers, decorating the pub etc, James even DJ’d at the party in the evening all of which made the day feel even more special and very personal to us.”

Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0001 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0002 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0003 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0005 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0006 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0008Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0004Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0007 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0010 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0011 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0012 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0013 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0014 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0015 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0018Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0017 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0019Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0024Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0021Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0016Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0020 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0022 Chic Gastropub Celebration by Caught The Light_0023

What was the most special moment of the day? Walking back down the aisle together, knowing we were married.

What music did you walk down the aisle to?  An excerpt from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana (chosen for us by my mum).

Do you have any planning advice for other brides? Decide which elements are important to you from the beginning and focus on those.   I decided I didn’t want too long to stew over tiny details – we planned our wedding in 5 months. Remind yourself that this is your only chance to do this. It’s such an exciting time and the only time in your life you will be made to feel so special, so enjoy!

Congratulations to Annie and James on a wonderfully relaxed but stylish celebration and thanks to the super Emma Jane at Caught The Light – thanks for sharing this day!

Photography: Emma Jane at Caught The Light / Ceremony: Islington Town Hall / Reception: The Peasant (Clerkenwell) / Wedding Dress: Temperley / Bridesmaids: French Connection / Groom: Dress 2 Kill / Hair: David Wadlow at The Lounge Soho / Make Up: Nicola Moores / Flowers: Arranged by Bride and her Mother / Cake: Bride’s friend Georgina Parnell