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Helen + Owen – Theatrical Princelet Street Wedding



Today’s mysterious wedding had the magic captured by Pen and Cam of McKinley Rodgers whom I had the pleasure of meeting the other week at LWE. These guys are utterly lovely as well as super talented,  and if you are looking for laid-back, honest photography then do go check more of their beautiful work! You can also see them over there on the right hand side too as I’m thrilled to welcome them as a new sponsor of London Bride!

So back to this amazing wedding…. being a bit of a film fanatic and someone who studied performance [yes indeed!], I often imagine my wedding day playing in my head like a film [anyone else do that!?]. The atmosphere, the camera cuts from guests, to me and my new husband, the score, the immaculate fashion and of course….The Set. Well, this little gem of a London wedding is pretty much like something out of a film, with all those elements but especially The Set. No surprises then, bride Helen is a designer in the theatre world….and it certainly looked like the most wonderful stage ever for a wedding day.

Helen and Owen had a winter wedding ceremony in December at Islington Town Hall, wrapped up in their warm coats, they were showered with a rainbow of confetti. A musical parade towards a shiny red bus then took them to the MOST mysterious venue I’ve ever seen. And there followed an evening of candlelight, acoustic music, dancing, cheese, mulled wine and lots of love and laughter.


Helen’s lovely 60s embellished gown for the ceremony was an original vintage item from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company [now Charlie Brear VWDC – I know we have similar names, so weird!]. She teamed the dress with sentimental accessories from both her grandmothers. What better way to wrap up warm against the harsh British winter than with a beautiful vintage fur coat too?

From the bride, Helen: “Our day began at The Boundary Hotel E1, we took cars to the Town Hall, my best girls with me. Dad at my side. I sourced the bridesmaids accessories from Spitalfields markets and Grays Antique market, their dresses were found scouring Ebay and Dad hired a three piece suit from The Manchester Exchange Theatre. I borrowed furs from a friend who works at a theatre near us.”

LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0006LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0005 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0007 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0008 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0009 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0010 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0011LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0039LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0012LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0013LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0014

“It rained, which was moody and enchanting along the cobbled streets of Spitalfields, we had moments of sun as we came out of the ceremony for photos, and during the procession from our bus to the reception lead by musician mates Aruhan and Gwen. We all cosied up by the fires and candlelight in Princelet Street and feasted on Roast Beef, mulled wine and delicious mince pies, wheels of cheese and port.”

LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0036LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0041LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0015 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0016 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0017 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0018 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0019 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0020 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0021

I’m a freelance designer for the theatre, so I approached the day as I would a set and costume design. It was very important to us that the day was intimate, romantic and partly a mystery for our guests. The reception was a well known but off the beaten track film location. We hired it for the day and danced within its tumbling and atmospheric walls.

LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0022 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0023 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0024 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0025 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0026 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0027 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0028 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0029 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0033 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0035 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0031 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0032 LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0030LB_HelenOwen_MckinleyRodgers_0034

Owen and I couldn’t have been more happy on the day with the support of our families and friends. Thank you to all the talented people we know!”

What an amazing day, so intimate, romantic and definitely air an of mystery about it. Thank you to gorgeous couple Owen and Helen for sharing their day and and the credits are a testament to the talented and kind friends and family who were a part of the day too.  Thanks to fab photographer’s McKinley Rodgers.

Photography: McKinley Rodgers / Reception Venue: 4 Princelet Street [film location] / Bride’s Ceremony Dress: The Vintage Wedding Dress Company (Charlie Brear VWDC) / Reception: Vintage / Accessories: Vintage Styler / Bridesmaids Dresses: Vintage sourced on Ebay + Markets / Groom’s Suit: Paul Smith / Make Up: Bride’s Friend, Amy Cosh / Hair: Helen Chirgwin /Flowers: Bride’s Mother Liz Goddard / Entertainment: Howard Hope Gramophones  / Catering: Arnold and Henderson / Cake: Groom’s Mother: Eleanor Jones