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Quirky Elegant Spring Claridge’s Wedding And A Bride In Leather + Lace


Photography by David JenkinsPlanning & Styling London Bride

A bride in leather and lace, lego buttonholes and an 80s band for this fun and quirky couple – Gwen & Li-Hur’s playful yet elegant Claridge’s wedding.  

Photo Credit: David Jenkins | Quirky & Elegant Claridge's Wedding by London Bride

Part of being a wedding planner is working with some pretty amazing clients, and in some amazing places. Well Gwen and Li-Hur’s wedding was both of these for me. Whilst we had the elegance and luxury backdrop of London’s iconic Claridge’s for the day, this couple loved quirky details, so injected their personalities into the day for their guests to enjoy, with fun touches such as the buttonholes by Fairy Nuff Flowers that were tied with a lego figure, the 80’s evening band that filled the dance floor and the fact that Gwen decided to wear her amazing green leather jacket over her stunning Monique Lhuillier gown for a leather and lace look, all made for a gorgeous spring wedding.

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DIY Wedding Cake Class in London with Restoration Cake


A while ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Charlotte White from Restoration Cake, a very glamorous all round cakey lady who is utterly charming and so very good at what she does. She has now decided to share this talent of hers with brides to be, by launching the ‘Wedding Cake 101’ class for brides to DIY their own wedding cake for their big day.

I would assume any brides out there who are looking to DIY their own cake it’s not only to learn, or have the sense of achievement and to have fun with it but also to save on costs. This class unlike many others is under £100 and as well as being kind to the purse it’s also kind with your time at just 3 hours!

The class is taught by Charlotte (above), who is genuinely passionate about helping DIY brides create something special and professional for their own wedding. She will be there to provide you with friendly guidance and advice on making your cake with her knowledge and experience she will share with you tips so you can avoid any mishaps in the kitchen – you even get given a special hotline number afterwards just in case! I like that Charlotte’s first hand experience means she can appreciate the pressure and emotions brides go through with this process as has been one herself!

Students will have the confidence to create a gorgeous and professional looking wedding cake, with a few insider tips on how to decorate their cake beautifully. Charlotte says “Most of the Brides who tell me that they plan to make their own Wedding Cake say that they are confident of their baking ability but that their cake design won’t be as professional looking as mine – I want to demystify the tricks that I use to create beautiful tiered cakes.” 

In Wedding Cake 101 brides will learn how to achieve a perfect finish when covering cakes in fondant icing, how to ‘dowel’ the lower tiers to ensure that the cake can be stacked safely, and how to create decoration with basic piping techniques, fondant flowers, and ribbons. At the end of the class, each student will leave with their own beautiful two-tiered cake and a factsheet containing each technique covered in the class.

The class is held at The Edward Woods Community Centre in Shepherd’s Bush (less than 5 minutes walk from Westfield Shopping Centre) and is £90 per person (including all materials and equipment.
The dates for the classes are Tuesday 8th January (starting at 6pm so no need to take time off work!) and also on Saturday 23rd February (2pm). For more information and to book your place on the course visit the Restoration Cake website:

With all the ‘why don’t you bake more’ quotes I’ve been receiving lately, I think Mr London Bride would rather like me to go on this course…!