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Stylish Autumnal London Highbury Engagement Shoot

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Photography by Sarah Gawler

A beautiful Autumnal relaxed engagement shoot in Highbury by photographer Sarah Gawler for Groom Style Consultant, Sammy Aki and her fiancé Anaël.


Whilst I don’t tend to feature engagement shoots all that often, from time to time some just stand-out to me, and I think it’s actually great to show readers and couples that these shoots can be a really fun, special and useful part of the engagement and wedding planning.

This shoot by the very talented Sarah Gawler, captures couple Sammy and Anaël looking super relaxed around their home in Highbury. The beauty of a pre-wedding or engagement shoot is that it’s just natural beautiful photographs of the two of you. As Sammy mentions below in her story, nothing fussy just spending time together perhaps doing whatever you both enjoy and is actually a really fun thing to do amongst all the stress of the planning and wedmin!

It’s also a great way of getting to spend time with your photographer and for them to get to know you and of course helps ease the pressure of the photographs for the wedding day itself if you are a little camera shy!

Sammy and Anaël recently celebrated a traditional Ghanian London wedding and if you wondered why these guys are exceptionally well-dressed, that’s because Sammy is in fact a stylist at Sammy Aki, a groom style consultancy. So if you think your man may need a helping hand with his groom style, I highly recommend you get in touch with her!

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London Groom – If James Bond Were My Fiancé


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with the fabulously chic Sammy of Sammy Aki who is a groom style consultant. Yup that’s right. It can be a bit of a struggle for those boys to know how or where to shop and Sammy can help with everything, from the shoes, to the bow tie she is the go to girl for grooms – specialising in ready to wear, made to measure and bespoke experiences for the groom.

So I’ll admit I may know a thing or two about wedding dresses, but this girl knows all about the style for guys so I’m handing over to Sammy today…

With the release of Skyfall this week, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by and I started thinking about James Bond and my imaginary role as the next bond girl (that doesn’t die) and this then obviously led to me considering the scenario of …

If James Bond were my fiancé…(a girl can most certainly dream).

The Wedding Suit…

Whilst working on Savile Row, each season I found myself spending a considerable amount of time cataloguing the fabrics. You have no idea how many varieties of Navy that are available, all with subtle changes in tone. My favourite description from the mills was Super Dark Navy – which is of course different to Super Navy. (editors note: is it just me or does this remind anyone else of the scene in Father of the Bride with Naavi Bluuu tuxeeeedo!?). From this time I have grown a big affection for the term something blue and if James Bond were my fiancé he definitely would be wearing the Midnight Blue Shawl collared dinner jacket created by Tom Ford for Skyfall.

Jose Villa on Once Wed / Fashionising

There are several reasons for this, firstly I envision our ceremony starting just before dusk and whilst black tie is smart I do believe that it is not meant to be worn before 6pm- I have never been a fan of a black suit as black can often appear boring and drab, especially in the daylight. Whereas Midnight blue has a richer hue even under the artificial light of the wedding cameras flash, so lends itself to looking refined both before and after the sun goes down.

Unlike the classic black tie attire the midnight blue, which garnered its popularity in the 1930’s, has been rare to find off the peg.  The perfect sophisticated style to have made to measure. As The Groom Style Consultant I’d certainly seek to prevent my Groom from wearing the same outfit as the guests invited so by selecting a fine cloth in this colour and crafting an impeccably cut suit I’d ensure James Bond would project his easy elegance, that we all recognise, throughout the day and I’m sure he will return to this suit time and time again.

The Fashionisto / The Materialist / Photo Hito / Roberto Cavalli via Vogue

The Drive…

I know James Bond would have tried out a number of cars before settling on his trusted Aston Martin DB5 to whisk us off from the ceremony. The car has a number of great gadgets (though I don’t think we will be in need of the machine guns). However you never know when the radar tracker, revolving number plates or carphone may come in handy. Or perhaps just the smoke screen…

Easyart /The Single Bride / Ruffled

The Honeymoon…

Having jetted all over the world, staying in the most exclusive and often remote locations James definitely knows how to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. However this is also where I feel he would seek to impress by showing his thoughtful and sentimental side. With this in mind we would enjoy the first weeks of marital bliss together on the island and home of his creator Ian Fleming, Goldeneye Resort in Jamaica. Not only is this piece of paradise where Fleming penned the character of Bond, but also Chris Blackwell, of Island records, owns it so the sounds and spirit of the Caribbean is felt throughout.

Celebrity Fan Web / Golden Eye Resort

Honeymoon Wardrobe…

Mr Bond pays particular attention to his swimwear (ahem, as do we). As this is possibly the only piece of clothing he will be wearing for the next few weeks he appreciates that the cut, fit and fabric is not just something he has to consider for his tailoring. Keen to champion British brands and also add a touch of his wife’s West African flavour the new brand Okun swimwear would be the first thing packed.

Selectism /Okun Swimwear

Well that was a rather fun indulgent post, I think Sammy can come back again! I would absolutely love to see this style translated through a wedding (and beyond!). Navy tux’s all the way…

Let us know how you think your boy is getting on with his outfit, and if he needs a helping hand then do get in touch with Sammy for further information on her services –