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Grace Loves Lace Comes to Shoreditch, London

AISLE STYLE, Bridal Style

Images courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace - London

You may well have noticed in the last year, the Australian bridal and wedding industry is really leading the way in terms of style. Relaxed yet elegant, stylish yet romantic, they just have that effortless je ne sais quoi. If you like me, are just loving everything that seems to be coming out of the Australian bridal world, then I have some exciting news! 

High up in the style stakes and sought after by the super cool, boho brides around the world, bridal designer Grace Loves Lace  are launching a UK showroom, and where else would a leading, style focussed bridal brand have their boutique? In Shoreditch in London, of course! 

The Grace Loves Lace London showroom will open its doors on April 18, 2017, so if you’re a bride to be (or bridesmaid, you’ll certainly get brownie points for sharing) looking for an un-traditional laid back elegant style with a boho edge, then you’ll want to book an appointment pronto! 
Grace Loves Lace London - CedarGrace Loves Lace London - Milan Grace Loves Lace London - Ziggy

As one of the fashion capital’s of the world, founder of Grace Loves Lace, Megan Ziems was keen to expand to London to be amongst a city filled with inspiration and creativity.

“We have always had such a loyal following in the UK and Europe, and there is such a demand for us to have a permanent base over there. My family are from Europe and I spent a large part of my childhood and adult years there, making it a very special second home to me. I can’t tell you how excited we all are to be bringing Grace Loves Lace to London in a truly magical space.

After opening our first international showroom in Los Angeles, California last July, we knew that London would be next.  We have always been so inspired by the European lifestyle and the European woman, she is the core of our brand. She is chic, sophisticated and full of passion, just like our GLL women.

Our gowns are designed and constructed for the woman who wants ‘The Dress’ that embraces and compliments the body. We stay clear of structured and restrictive designs and fabrics, instead we are all about celebrating our women as effortless, sexy and naturally glamorous.”

Grace Loves Lace London - TribecaGrace Loves Lace London - Liberty Grace Loves Lace LondonGrace Loves Lace London - Soho Grace Loves Lace London - Sofia

As the designs are only exclusively available online, the new London showroom offers a great chance for European bides to be to visit the showroom to experience the brand’s exquisite French laces and one-of-a-kind designs in person.  They are all about making the process of finding ‘The One’ to be a stress-free experience (that’s what we like to hear), and plans for the showroom’s aesthetic will feature luxurious blush and gold accents (ahem, instagrammable?), and you’ll be able to sip on black rose tea and nibble on macarons – it certainly sounds like a calming environment for all you London Brides! 

Inspired by the absolutely stunning ‘Soho’ gown, we thought we’d have some fun and put together a style board that captures that Grace Loves Lace style, relaxed, elegant but with a little bit of La Boheme! 

Exclusive one-on-one appointments can be booked online at their website Grace Loves Lace The showroom is by appointment only. 


This post is in collaboration with Grace Loves Lace.  

Hackney Town Hall + Tab Centre Wedding For Childhood Sweethearts

WEDDINGS, Informal, Vintage Inspired

Photography by Claire Macintyre

A lovely story of fate bringing back childhood sweethearts Soula and Will together for their vintage 1920s inspired Hackney Town Hall and Tab Centre London wedding.

Hackney Wedding at Tab Centre Shoreditch by Claire Macintrye Photography

The story behind today’s lovely couple Will and Soula is certainly one to melt the hearts! They were childhood sweethearts in London when they were just 12 years old, though 20 years passed as she moved away but then then they just so happened to be brought back together when they discovered they were living just across the street to each other. Just over a year later and they were engaged to be married. Don’t you just love it how fate has a way sometimes…

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