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East London Stour Space Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal


Vicky and Dave chose a venue that allowed them to party on until late in a creative space in East London close to home. Vicky was a very hands-on bride as she created all the flowers for the venue along with over 200 origami bird decorations so was definitely busy in the lead up to the wedding, but a lovely personal touch and a sense of achievement for their wedding day. With help from friends and family they had a relaxed and fun day that was just what they wanted… A lovely wedding day with some poignant moments captured by We Heart Pictures.

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Like every bride I spent hours on the internet looking at dresses – I had a very specific style in mind – a delicate looking vintage lace dress. Not exactly what I ended up with! After a very long and unsuccessful day of dress shopping, we were at the last appointment. I walked in and didn’t really see anything I was excited to try on. But Julia at Bridal Caprice asked if she could pick something out for me. Looking the dress I was like no way, far too big. I put it on and I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe I felt this way. I walked out to my bridesmaids, brother and mum and they all cried! I knew it had to be this dress. It was so important to me that my mum saw me in the dress as unfortunately she passed away 5 months before my wedding. But she knew all about the day, so I felt she was there in spirit. I definitely recommend trying on a range of dresses; you may be surprised at what looks best on you! I splurged on the shoes and I kept the accessories simple with just a pair of Swarovski stud earrings and my mum’s eternity ring.

I wanted the bridesmaids to feel comfortable in what they were wearing. The dresses we found from Reiss, suited them all so well and I hope they get to wear them again at some point! We always wanted blue suits for the groomsmen, and a friend had a suit made by a local tailor a few years ago so we used him to make Dave’s and all the ushers’ suits, as a gift from us. They came to our flat and measured the boys up; you get to pick your fabric, lining and stitching and they all looked perfect!

We definitely knew we wanted a London wedding. We love where we live and most of our friends and family are in the south east. The most important thing to us was that everyone had a great day. We chose Islington Town Hall for the ceremony – it has the most beautiful domed room and everyone sits around you. During the ceremony we chose two readings, which were Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres and The House at Pooh Corner, A A Milne. Both are beautiful. I was very proud of my little brother doing a reading.

For the reception we wanted a venue that we could have a good party in! We live on the canal in East London and a friend suggested The Stour Space. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been here before! It’s an exhibition and studio space for creative enterprises and also houses the Counter Café. It’s set opposite the Olympic Stadium on the canal. We loved it as soon as we walked in. Caine looked after the event and he and the team were amazing! They are happy to help with anything and were saviours the day before the wedding whilst setting up.  It was exactly what we wanted – spacious, interesting and light. Also we could have it until 2am!

I had the crazy idea that I would do all the flowers in the venue myself and all the decorations. I did get it all done, but mostly down to the help from my amazing bridesmaids. I was too nervous to do my own bouquets so these were done by a local florist who did a great job.  For the tables I visioned wild looking flowers with pops of colour, I collected jars and little glass bottles. A couple of weeks before the wedding I then made a trial trip down to Covent Garden Flower Market at 6am to check out suppliers and prices. I then went back two days before the wedding to choose my flowers. I also made 100 origami bird place names and about 100 more origami birds in very bright colours to go behind the band – the venue has white walls so I wanted to add some colour. I’m so happy I did this all – it was so fun and a great achievement!

The chef was great and worked with us to create a menu. We wanted it to be a laid back buffet. We love Mediterranean food and so started from there. They provided a wonderful tasting evening for us to try the food and wine and the food was just incredible. We had small bites and cocktails on arrival, and so decided not to have any starters with the sit down meal. We had a big selection of food for the main course and then served three different desserts which were all cut into small bite size pieces so everyone could taste all of them. My wonderful brother made our wedding cake – each tier was different. It looked and tasted amazing!

Before I moved in with Dave I lived in a flat of musicians who all play in various bands across London. I was very lucky that Craig, Robin and Dave (Simian Gentlemen) were free to play our wedding. They are amazing. We gave them some must have songs we wanted and they did the rest. They had everyone up and dancing all night until the DJ came on. I seriously can’t praise them enough! 

I was very lucky to have the help of my bridesmaids the day before to put everything together – this is my biggest piece of advice – delegate! Trust the people around you and let them help. I have to admit this was something I struggled with at the beginning! 

When we met Hector and Charlie from We Heart Pictures, we got on so well and felt at ease with them which is so important – they follow your whole day – they see all the tears and laughter. We didn’t want traditional wedding photos – or guests waiting around whilst half the wedding party were having photos. We wanted to use someone who captured the feelings and emotions of the day. We wanted to look back at the photos and it to take us right back. That’s exactly what we got and we love our photos, we can’t recommend them enough. 

Photography: We Heart Pictures / Ceremony Venue: Islington Town Hall / Reception Venue: The Stour Space