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Home Is Where The Heart, Is A Back Garden Wedding

WEDDINGS, Informal

Photography by Corrado Chiozzi

Is there anything quite as romantic as a groom carrying his bride over the threshold? Groom Adam did just that for his bride Laura, but they weren’t alone. After a local church ceremony followed by fine French dining they decided to continue the celebrations at home with a garden party. As after all, that is where the heart is. 

Back Garden Wedding London by Corrado Chiozzi

Couple Laura and Adam balanced an elegant day with the comforts of home. Literally. After a meaningful Church ceremony, a lavish fine dining meal and a walk through the park, they decided to continue the celebrations at their London home, in their garden. How utterly romantic, and so lovely to know that when they sit out in their garden that it was there, surrounded by their loved ones that they danced their first steps as husband and wife.

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