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A Winter’s Tale – A London Engagement Shoot in Islington



I honestly can’t quite believe we are heading into Spring and the wintry months are almost behind us, with a few daffodils here and a peek of blossom there it’s certainly in the air. Almost. It’s still crisp and breezy so whilst we’re not quite there just yet, let’s go back to a magical dusky afternoon’s winter engagement shoot with twinkling lights and a twinkling dress with this lovely London couple Jen and Aaron who wondered the pretty streets of Islington near their home with photographer Sarah Gawler.

london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0001 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0002 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0003 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0004 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0005 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0006 London Winter Engagement Shoot by Sarah Gawler / Bride in Marchesa london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0007 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0008 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0018london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0022 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0010 London Winter Engagement Shoot by Sarah Gawler, Bride wears Marchesa london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0012 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0019 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0013 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0014 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0015 London Winter Engagement Shoot by Sarah Gawler, Bride wears Marchesa london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0020 london-winter-engagement-sarah-gawler_0021

A few words from Jen and Aaron’s amazing photographer, Sarah Gawler: “A few days before Christmas I met with Jen and Aaron at their gorgeous London home. We had a chat over some tea and then headed out to take their big, big dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood. It was a lightly overcast, blustery day and as the daylight faded we ventured out again for an evening stroll around some of Islington’s pretty shopping lanes. I couldn’t imagine an afternoon better spent and in sweeter company.”

Photography: Sarah Gawler / Jen’s Dress: Marchesa / Aaron’s Suit: Zara Man